Ruspini House News - Summer 2017

Find out what has been happening at Ruspini House over the Summer Term 2017........

Red Class - Children's Art Day

We held Children's Art Day on Thursday and the children took part in many different artistic activities including marble painting and spaghetti painting, along with other drawing and craft activities.

Yellow Class - Obstacle Course

Today the Yellow Class negotiated an obstacle course for their P. E. session. They had to crawl through a tunnel, run around some cones and they even had to jump in a sack!

Blue Class - Children's Art Day

On Thursday the children in Blue Class participated in many art and craft activities to celebrate Children's Art Day.

They made a fire engine from the junk modelling supplies and enjoyed role playing as fire fighters.

They also enjoyed printing with our plastic dinosaurs to make footprints.

Red Class - A very special week!

This week has been a very special week for the children in our Red Class. As they will all be moving on to new schools in September we held our Leavers Tea Celebration on Wednesday. The children performed a Leavers Song and some excerpts from 'Yay, you! Moving up and moving on' by Sandra Boynton to their parents and families. We then held a little presentation and Miss Lee said a few words about each child and presented them with a book as a reminder of us all here at Ruspini House.

They all looked really grown up in their mortar boards!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish our leavers all the best in their new schools. We hope they come back and visit with tales of great adventures!

Healthy Week Activities

This week we were looking at how to stay healthy and Radhika's mummy came in to help the children learn some yoga. The children enjoyed an imaginary visit to the park and became different animals that they may have found.

The children also learnt about healthy eating and had the opportunity to make fruit kebabs and fruit smoothies.


Releasing our butterflies!

Each of our classes have been observing the life cycle of the butterfly. We received some caterpillars through the post and the children watched as they ate their way through all the food that they came with. They grew bigger and bigger. After a few days, they created their own chrysalis around themselves to have a big rest while they change.

The children have been using the caterpillars and butterflies to document their life cycle:

We came back in to school on Monday to find that our caterpillars had emerged from their chrysalises and were now fully formed butterflies. The children were very excited at how beautiful they were. We kept them for a few days feeding them on fruit and flowers and then released them all over a couple of days.



Red Class - People who help us stay safe

Red Class have been learning about road safety and awareness of how to stay safe around the roads over the last couple of weeks. Previously they have painted their own zebra crossings and this week they made Stop signs that a lollipop person would hold up to stop the traffic for children to cross.

The children have also been creating shapes from lollipop sticks.

Yellow Class - Hunting for the number nine and learning outdoors

As the weather has cooled down towards the end of this week, Yellow Class have been enjoying their outdoor area. 

Our number of the week is the number nine and one of the many activities the children enjoyed was trying to find the correct number in the water tray and then counting out the right number of keys.

Another activity they enjoyed was making play dough faces:


Blue Class - Doctors and Nurses

Blue Class children were pretending to be doctors and nursers today and they were using the role play area to look after the sick dollies. They listened to their heartbeat and bandaged up any cuts.

They also explored the pre-school first aid kit and then made their own first aid kit using their fine motor skills to draw the cross on the front and stick in some supplies.

Red Class - Caterpillars and People who help us

Our caterpillars have arrived! It is all very exciting. They have been growing very fast and the children have been keeping a diary of all the changes that are taking place.

We have also had a visit from a paramedic this week and we also visited the RMS Medical Centre to listen to the nurse tell us how she helps people every day.

Yellow Class - Visit from a Paramedic and to the Medical Centre

This week we had a visit from a paramedic who spoke to our children about how they help people. She showed them all of her different uniforms for all types of weather and how to bandage wounds and use a stethoscope. She also explained that if her patient was very sick she would take them to hospital in an ambulance.

We also walked up to the main school medical centre and the nurse spoke to us about how nurses help when people are ill. She showed the children the resources she had such as the wheelchair, stethoscope and thermometer. She explained that the big girls rest in the medical centre if they are feeling poorly while they wait for their mummies and daddies to pick them up.

Blue Class - A visit from a paramedic

This week we had a visit from a paramedic who came in and spoke to all of the classes about how she helped people. She showed them all of her different uniform for the different weather throughout the year and also how she patched people up if they were hurt, along with how to listen to a heartbeat through a stethoscope.

Friday 9th June 2017 - A visit from the Fire Service

Today we received a very special visit from Blue Watch at Rickmansworth Fire Station. They brought their fire engine in to show the children and allowed them all to have a good look at all the equipment that the fire fighters use every day. They even got to sit in the engine and watched them use the hose and heard the sirens being sounded.

Thank you so much to Blue Watch at Rickmansworth Fire Station for their time and for making the visit so informative and enjoyable for the children.

Friday 9th June 2017 - A talk about Islam and Ramadan

One of our parents visited this morning to talk to the children about the Muslim faith and Ramadan at this special time of year.

Mrs Bilal brought along some religious objects to explain to the children and showed them how to wear some of the items of clothing that some Muslims wear. She also explained how special the prayer mat and holy books are and let the children look at some prayer beads. 

The children had an opportunity to try some dates which is a food that many Muslims will eat during Ramadan as it is a common food to break the fast with. 



Blue Class - People who help us

Our new topic this half term is 'People who help us' and the children have been dressing up as police officers, paramedics and fire chiefs and pretending to help people in trouble.


Yellow Class - People Who Help Us

Our role play area has become a hospital this half term to tie in with our topic of 'People who help us'. The children have enjoyed pretending to be nurses and doctors and treating their patients for various ailments!

Red Class - Another busy week!

Our sound is 'nk' this week and the children enjoyed using a feather and some real ink to do their writing.

Our new topic for this half term is 'People who help us' and this week we were designing our own houses using a dolls house as a model.

We also made a visit to the main school library and had a talk from the librarian. We listened to a story and searched the library for the characters from the book 'Dear Zoo' by Rod Campbell.

Blue Class - Cloud experiment

Blue Class children used water, shaving foam and food colouring to manufacture coloured clouds.

Yellow Class - Number Walk

As the weather has been so lovely this week, the children in Yellow Class took the opportunity to go on a number walk. Miss Lambert had hidden some numbered beanbags under the trees in the grounds of the school and they had to go on a hunt to find them. All of the beanbags were found in super quick time and the children enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine!

Red Class - A very busy week!

This week has been a very busy week!

The children have been experimenting with colour mixing, determining what colour would be made if they mixed different coloured water together.

This week's team challenge was to obtain an object from the middle of the floor, without touching the spiders web. The children found ways to get there, both over the web and under it.

Another challenge was to draw a picture to illustrate a story that the children were listening to. 

As the weather got hotter, the children wanted to take advantage of the lovely drying weather and decided to wash the doll's clothes and hang them up to dry on a washing line. Great thinking Red Class!

After all that work the children deserved a rest and, as the sun was out, the outdoor area became a beach hut to relax in!

Blue Class - Suncatchers

Blue Class made heart shaped sun catchers for their shape of the week.

Yellow Class - Rocket Competition

This week we held a rocket competition for the children in Yellow Class. They were asked to bring in a rocket made from junk modelling resources. They were then given the opportunity to speak about their rocket and show it to their peers.

All of the children took part in the project and they all received a treat for participating. 

And the winner is:


Red Class - Maths Challenge & Hopscotch

We had a great new maths challenge for the children this week. We had "forgotten" to put in all the numbers on the line and they had to find the right peg to fill in the gap.


We have also continued with our space topic by exploring different shapes of the moon. We were very excited to use Oreos for this task.

Yellow Class - Searching for the letter 'a'

Our children were searching for the sound of the week 'a' in a sea of balls this week.

Red Class - Making moon craters

This week we were visited by staff from the RMS Science Department. They were demonstrating to us how the craters on the moon were formed. The children then had a go at creating their own by dropping marbles into a tray of sand.


Peppa Pig's Muddy Puddle Week - 8th May 2017

This week Ruspini House joined in with the Peppa Pig's Muddy Puddle Walk  for Save The Children. 

We have been baking cakes, dressing up as 'Peppa Pig and Friends' and going on a sponsored walk to raise money for the campaign. All of the children have joined in over the week and so far we have raised over £200. Thank you to everyone for their support.

The children also completed many other activities such as making Peppa pig masks and sharing Peppa Pig stories from home.

Red Class - Planetarium and Car Races

Red Class have had a very busy week. They have been learning to make predictions during their car races, predicting how far the car would travel and where it would stop.

They also had a visit to the RMS Planetarium and learnt about the stars and constellations from Mrs Black. They were very excited to lie on the floor and look up at the stars! Thank you very much Mrs Black for taking the time to let us visit.

Blue Class - Fishing for stars

After a very successful visit to the RMS Planetarium along with Yellow Class on Monday, Blue Class continued learning about stars.

One of the activities was to fish for stars in our water play area.

Yellow Class - Stars and the Planetarium

The children in Yellow and Blue Classes visited the RMS Planetarium near the Science Block on Monday. It was very dark in the Planetarium and the children were very excited to be able to see so many stars on the domed ceiling. The Head of Science, Mrs Timoney, spoke to them about the stars, helping them to spot some of the constellations that they could see on a dark,clear night. They really enjoyed the session and we would like to thank Mrs Timoney for taking the time to teach us.

Following on from this visit the children have been creating moons using puffy paint which is made from shaving foam, glue and grey paint.


They continued on the theme of stars to create their own star constellations using marshmallows and skewers.


Visiting the ducklings in the Quad

Our duck family has returned to the Quad and all of the children have been to visit them. 

Blue Class - Practising cutting

This week Blue Class have been practising cutting. They practised cutting  in straight lines and also cutting around a circle.


Red Class - Chalk blending and whittling outdoors

This week the children in Red Class have been very busy learning about planets and the solar system. They blended chalk to create their own planets.

They also visited the Forest School and were listening to stories and whittling carrots. Fortunately the weather held for them, but they did have to brave a little bit of hail on the way back to Ruspini House!

Yellow Class - Using Globes

This week we have been learning about planets. We examined a globe and learnt that the blue areas are water and the green areas are land. We then used coffee filters to create our own planets and sprayed them with water to smudge the ares together to make them look as they would from space.


Red Class - Space

Welcome back to the summer term and we are flying into our new 'Space' topic. We have created a space station in our home corner and the children have been making their own jet packs to add to the astronaut costumes.

Yellow Class - Space and Numicon

Yellow Class have been reading the story 'Whatever Next?' by Jill Murphy as an introduction to our 'Space' theme this half term. After listening to the story the children have created a display in the classroom based on the front cover.

They have also been using the Numicon shapes in their messy play to reinforce counting and shape recognition. They have been counting the marbles as they fill the holes in the various Numicon shapes. The cornflour and water makes it fun! 



Blue Class - Rockets

This week the children in Blue Class created their own rocket from various shapes. Firstly they painted the background and then stuck down the shapes to create the rockets. Here are some photos of the process and examples of the finished artwork.

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