Ruspini House News - Spring 2017

Find out what has been happening at Ruspini House over the Spring Term 2017........

Blue Class - Visit to the Forest School

This week it was Blue Class' turn to visit Tranquillity Woods. They explored the area and knocked at the fairies' door, but there was no answer!

Yellow Class - Junk Modelling and the first days of Spring

This week the children have enjoyed junk modelling in the classroom.

As the weather has been so warm over parts of this week, we have made the most of the sunshine by playing out in the garden as much as possible. We even got out the water play since it was so warm on Tuesday.

Red Class - Blending Phonics and Team Challenge

This week we have been blending our phonic sounds and practising these as we jump around in the garden.

Our team challenge this week was to learn a song and perform it to the rest of the class.


Red Nose Day - Friday 24th March 2017

Today we all came in wearing something red in support of this year's Comic Relief Fund. We have so far raised £52.62 for the cause.

The children all enjoyed baking and icing biscuits. Some of them even decorated them to look like one of this year's nose characters!

Red Class used the Red Nose Day balloons for their team challenge this week and played a balloon game to see which team was the fastest to get the balloon to the back of the line going over one person and under the next.



Blue Class - Visit to see the chicks

Blue Class children had the opportunity to go and see the chicks this week. They have enjoyed watching them on the webcam last week and it was very exciting to see how they have grown.

Yellow Class - Woodlands

On Wednesday morning, even though the weather was not great, we all took a trip up to our Forest School to explore the surroundings. We played Hide and Seek, went on a bear hunt and we also learnt how to get messy! It was a fabulous morning and we all came back wet and muddy but having enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Red Class - Farms and Den Building

This week our topic has been ' The Farm' so we set up our own Red Class Farm.


Our team challenge this week was to build a den which the whole team could fit inside. Here is one of our successful shelters.

Blue Class - Shape of the week - Triangle

This week Blue Class have been learning all about shapes. This week's shape is a 'triangle' and so along with many other shape-themed activities, they all made a triangle person puppet.

Yellow Class - Outdoor music

After watching the Lion King Jr performance some of the children in Yellow Class were re-enacting the story and dancing around the playground roaring and singing as if they were the main characters. It was lovely to watch them recall the story so vividly.

While they were singing and acting, some of the other children were accompanying them on our pan drums!

Red Class - Visits around school

This week was a very busy week! On Wednesday we went up to the Great Hall to watch the community performance of the Lion King Jr which was a production by the pupils in Cadogan House. We all enjoyed it immensely and Ruspini House has been filled with the sound of the Lion King since!

On Friday we went to the Science Block to see the chicks that have newly hatched from their incubator. The children were very excited to hold the tiny little chicks. They also had a lesson on the life-cycle of a chicken from egg to adulthood.

Blue Class - Phonics

This week we have been learning the phonic sound 'k'. We have taken part in many activities around this sound, including painting keys and kings and making kites.

Yellow Class - Story of King Achashverosh and Queen Esther

Today Mrs Finkel told the children the Purim story of King Achashverosh and Queen Esther. They really enjoyed shaking musical instruments and making a noise when they heard unkind Haman’s name mentioned. The story touches on jealousy and unkindness to others. Mrs Finkel explained that this was a Jewish Festival and part of the celebrations included everyone dressing up, having fun and eating triangular cake/biscuits called Hamantaschen (Haman’s Ears)

Red Class - Woodlands

Red Class have been working really hard on their animal projects. They were all tasked with finding out four facts about their chosen animal. Well done to you all for your hard work. 

We had a great afternoon in the Forest School. We learnt all about animals and their habitats, we hunted fairies and went on a bear hunt. The afternoon was rounded off with some storytelling.

World Book Day - Thursday 2nd March

Along with the whole of the UK we were celebrating World Book Day on Thursday. The children were asked to dress up as their favourite book character and to bring in the book to share with the children in their classes. We had visits from Disney characters, including many of the 101 Dalmations, Superheroes and other classics such as Red Riding Hood & Miffy, along with some new ones the staff were not aware of like Tunip from The Octonauts.

Well done to everyone who came in character and a big thank you to all the parents who helped the children with their costumes. 

Blue Class - Jelly Play

This week we have been learning about animals who live under the sea. The children had the opportunity to get a little messy playing with the sea creatures in some wobbly, sticky jelly!

Yellow Class - Making Pizzas

Yellow Class helped make today's lunch! They were helping Martin, our cook, to prepare the pizzas for lunch today. 

First they all helped to put on the tomato sauce and then added the cheese to the top. Of course Martin put them in the oven to cook and they were shared out to all the children who stayed for lunch. Thank you for your help Yellow Class!


Red Class - Pancake Day

Red Class enjoyed flipping pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. It took a bit of practice to get the action right and catching them again was a real challenge!


Blue Class - 'C' for Crabs

We have been learning 'c' this week and, as our topic this half term is 'Animals and their Habitats' we used our hands to make crabs.

Yellow Class - The Gruffalo

Our topic this half term is 'Animals and their Habitats'. So our Role Play area this half term is a Gruffalo Den. The children have enjoyed pretending to be the Gruffalo and playing with the animals throughout the story.

They have also been playing with the Gruffalo Story sack and recreating the story themselves with the characters and scenery.

One of the activities the children enjoyed this week was making 'Gruffalo Crumble' using porridge oats and seeds.

Red Class - Making our own 'Earth'

We got straight into our new topic this weeks which is 'Animals and their Habitats' by making our own 'Earth'. We used cotton pads and mixed coloured inks to create a new planet with land and water.

Blue Class - Water Play

Despite the cold and bleak weather, Blue Class have been playing in the water in their outside area this week. 

Yellow Class - Hand Washing

This week Yellow Class have been learning all about the importance of hand washing. They watched a film about hand hygiene and how easy it is to spread germs. The film explained how germs are present on all surfaces and how important it is to wash your hands before eating so that you don't get ill. 

After the film the children then all washed their hands properly using soap and water, making sure they cleaned their whole hands thoroughly under running water.

Red Class - Mindful Colouring and Under the Sea Quiz

This week Red Class had a session of mindful colouring. This was an exercise to encourage them to focus and concentrate on one task, creating a calm environment and atmosphere. They all did very well during the exercise and some of the detail in the images they created were exquisite.

They also honed their teamwork and collaborative skills when working together to complete an Under the Sea quiz.

Blue Class - Brushing their teeth

This week Blue Class have been learning about 'People who help us'. The children learnt all about the dentist and had a lovely time using a toothbrush to paint a large tooth white!



Yellow Class - Trains

Following our 'Journeys and Transport' theme, the children were asked to bring in photographs of themselves travelling  on a train or a picture of a train they had travelled on to discuss in a group. After the discussion the children watched a short feature about a steam train and finally put together their own train. It was a lovely activity with all the children joining in to share their experiences of train travel.

Red Class - Journey Sticks and Egg Challenge

Our theme this half term is 'Journeys and Transport', so the children went for a walk, each making a journey stick along the way. A journey stick helps to retell a journey with items that are collected at various points during the walk (feathers, leaves, twigs etc.), providing visual prompts to aid in the recall of the journey.

We are carrying on with setting the children challenges to make them think creatively and co-operatively. This week the class were put in teams and asked to create a house from the resources they were provided with to keep a raw egg safe . All three teams successfully managed to keep their eggs in one piece when they were dropped  from a height. Well done Red Class!

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