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Below are a few films from the RMS archive you may enjoy...

RMS 1940s Documentary

This documentary dates from late 1940’s, probably 1949 and explains the life of the girls at Rickmansworth.

The clothing worn by the girls shows dresses and collars with panama hats.  There are clips of the operating theatre, dentist and optician in the Sanatorium complete with the matrons’ headdresses and flowing aprons, workers in the walled kitchen garden harvesting the fruit and vegetables, and the hard work carried out by the laundry staff. 

Miss Vickridge is seen teaching French, Miss Newnham, Housemistress of Alexandra House, teaching Geography, and Miss Funnell, who for many years was Housemistress of Atholl, is seen teaching the Art class.  For those reminiscing about the dormitories in the boarding houses, there are good shots of these along with the wardrobes by the door.  The dining room, with its original long tables and sung grace offers a glimpse of the formality of the dining room.  The Masonic pride for the provision being offered here is tangible.

RMS 1960s Documentary

This is a delightful documentary of life at the School during the 1960’s.

The uniform has changed but much of the daily life stays the same.  There is a wonderful insight into Sports Day on the Lowers complete with races involving sacks, carrying a cup on your head and eating something off a plate with no hands, walking on flowerpots and Lady Harris handing out the prizes from the pavilion steps.  Hats are still being worn but the atmosphere appears to be great fun and very competitive! 

There is a fabulous clip of a girl being taught to drive in the grounds in the School’s mini, lacrosse and hockey on the Uppers and even a golf lesson!  You can see the tiered Geography room on the top teaching corridor made famous by the film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, pet rabbits and hamsters, visits to Windsor and London and a very early aerial clip of the School. 

The documentary ends with one of the students being taken to Selfridges in London to buy her leaving suit.

RMS 1970s Documentary

This documentary was made post 1970 which was the year that the circular library, now called the Resource Centre, was opened, and most likely in 1977 the year that Virginia Wade won the Wimbledon singles title.

There is a brief history of the School at the beginning and some good views of the covered walkway and the Science block.  Domestic science and sewing are well documented  The School seems to have taken quite a sizable step towards a more modern way of working with girls allowed to be more carefree, with a clip of a girl being pulled along one of the paths across the Garth at some speed while on roller-skates. 

There is a lovely view of the lake on the Lowers complete with swan and some lovely coverage of a swimming gala showing the diving boards at the far end.

"The Queen"

This film shows the visit by Her Majesty the Queen to RMS in 1955.

HM the Queen is met by the President of School (Earl of Scarborough.) and Chairman of House Committee (Major General Sir Allan Adair). Queen receives a bouquet from girl of the Junior School (Rosemary Kidson aged 8 years). Head girl - Sally Grantham - is introduced to Queen. The Queen then meets some of the male staff (engineers etc.), and visits the new Domestic Science wing. She then enters the Dining Hall and walks between tables whilst girls are at tea and talks to some of them. The Queen then stands on a dais in the Assembly Hall and is treated to a performance of the "traditional physical fitness drill" (commonly known as Drill). Headmistress, Miss Audrey Fryer announces Queen has asked for girls to have a day's holiday, the girls cheer and clap

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