Ruspini House News - Autumn Term 2016

Find out what has been happening recently at Ruspini House.......

Christmas lunch and party

This week has been a very busy week. We have had our Christmas lunch and our Christmas party. The children have had great fun and were very excited to meet Santa when he arrived in our Blue Room grotto.

Red Class - Working together

The children in Red Class have been working on activities that have required them to work together. This included a number quiz.

Yellow and Red Classes - Road Safety Workshops

This week we were visited by a Road Safety Officer from Herts County Council. They talked to the children about road safety and explained the Green Cross Code and how to use a Zebra Crossing correctly. They also spoke to the children about the importance of their car safety seat.

Red Class - Learning about Magnets

This week we have been learning about magnets. We put some paper clips inside a bottle of water and used a magnet to move them about The children were fascinated with this experiment.

Yellow Class - Lolly Stick Snowmen

The children are continuing to enjoy all the Christmas preparations. This week we made Lolly Stick Snowmen.

Blue Class - Paper Plate Santas

Christmas is now in full swing. We are preparing all our Christmas crafts and here is how we made the Santa faces from paper plates:


Blue Class - Threading Necklaces

This weeks sound is 'n' so the children were threading pasta onto string to make necklaces. This helps them with their hand eye coordination and their fine motor skills, using the pincer grip to pull the string through.

Yellow Class - Christmas comes to Ruspini House

All throughout Ruspini House you can hear Christmas music. The children are working hard on the Nativity which is being performed next week, they are making cards and presents to take home and they are decorating the classrooms. Our home corner in Yellow Class has been decorated with tinsel and the children now have the opportunity to wrap presents and write Christmas cards in preparation for Christmas. 

Red Class - Paper Chain Challenge

The Red Class staff have been watching 'The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds'! They thought that it would be a great idea to use the Paper Chain Challenge with our children. The children were attached to each other by using paper chains and they had to spend a period of time during the afternoon linked together without breaking the chain. Therefore they had to use their verbal skills to express what they wanted to do, their negotiating skills to agree what they would do, in which order and how they would do it and also sometimes their compromising skills to get anything done! Some of the children lasted longer than others before the chains were broken, but they all enjoyed the experiment and some of the conversations were priceless!

Red Class - Meteorites

We were very lucky this week as we were visited by some of the science teachers from RMS who brought with them some moon rock samples and meteorites. 

The children were given the opportunity to hold the meteorites and to view the moon rocks at very close range:

We could even pose as an astronaut to examine the rocks:


Yellow Class - Small World Play - Arctic Scenery

Continuing on the theme of Winter this week the children have been playing with the polar bears in our arctic small world. The blue moon dough has been snow and the polar bears have been digging and hunting in their snowy environment. The children have also been moulding the 'snow' into snowmen.

Blue Class - Ruspini Bear and Snowmen Biscuits

This week we continued our theme of Winter and different portrayals of snow when we made our melting snowmen biscuits out of Digestives, water icing, marshmallows, Matchmakers and Skittles.

Ruspini Bear visited one of the children's homes and shared in her adventures for the weekend . She then shared the story with her friends in Blue Class before Ruspini Bear went on to stay with another child.

Red Class - Winter topic

This week Red Class have started their winter topic. They used brown paint on their hand and wrist to print an image of a winter tree and went on to decorate it with cotton wool to show the snow collecting on the bare branches. 

A Winter Table has been set up in the classroom for the children to look at winter objects and stories.

The children have also been spending a great deal of time on their phonics. They are even creating their own 'sound of the week' drawings on the interactive whiteboard:

Yellow Class - Making Snowmen Cakes

The children baked cakes which they decorated with white icing to represent snow:

They went on to build a snowman to sit on top. I'm sure these snowmen will be very tasty! If they get eaten before they melt that is!



Blue Class - Making Snowmen

This week we have been exploring different textures that we can use to portray snow. We have used cotton wool to depict a winter scene on the display board in the classroom and will be filling this with winter objects over the rest of this term. It has a very soft feeling when stroked!

We have also made snowmen using white paint and Weetabix to give the crunchy feeling of packed snow:

Once all the accessories were added, they looked really cute.

Blue Class - Using ICT Equipment

The children in Blue Class enjoyed using the remote controlled cars this week. They learned how to operate them, moving them backwards and forwards. They enjoyed watching each other play while they waited, taking turns and sharing beautifully. 

Yellow Class - Remembrance Day

This week the children have been making poppies using many different materials.

They made poppies from paper plates:

The children also enjoyed making poppies by decorating biscuits:

This opened up the topic of remembrance  within the classroom and we all observed a two minute silence at 11.00 am on Friday 11th November.

Red Class - Fireworks

Many of the children had attended fireworks displays over the weekend and they were given the opportunity to recreate the colourful scenes they had seen. 

Using paintbrushes to flick the paint onto the paper, they created this wonderful firework picture showing the light traces as the fireworks cross the sky!

Blue and Yellow Classes - Making Divas for Diwali

This Monday the children in Blue and Yellow Classes all made divas to celebrate the Hindu festival of Diwali. It is common practice to light small oil lamps called divas and place them around the home and garden during this festival.

First the divas were moulded from air drying clay and then they were decorated in bright colours. Once they are dry they will be able to hold a tealight.

Red Class - Mixing Potions and Autumn Leaves

This week the weather has turned rather autumnal and the trees in the school grounds have been shedding their colourful leaves. Red Class went for a walk to enjoy this colourful season and played in the leaves on the ground.

As Monday was Halloween, our Mud Kitchen has become a potions kitchen and the children have been enjoying mixing spells and potions with various natural ingredients.

Thursday 20th October - Fire Engine Visit

There was great excitement this morning as the children eagerly awaited a visit from the local fire engine. The children had a good look around the engine while the firemen explained all about the equipment. They even had a chance to sit inside. The firemen also gave a talk to the children about their job and how they helped us and dressed Miss Ford & Mrs Perren up as firefighters for the children to see! Some even had the chance to try on a helmet.

Please look at the photos here:


Blue Class - Review Week

We have been reviewing all of the sounds that we have learnt this half term throughout this week.

Yellow Class - Autumn Week

The children in Yellow Class went for an autumn walk and collected many leaves in different colours that had fallen from the trees. Once we were back in the classroom we sorted the leaves in to groups based on their colours. When we had finished sorting them we had piles of red, orange, brown, green and yellow ones and we went on to use them for leaf printing.

Red Class - Autumn Week

The children learnt about Autumn this week. We opened up a pumpkin and looked and smelled what was inside. We then carved the pumpkin a face and it has guarded our door all week.

We also recreated some autumn trees using autumnal colours such as reds, oranges, yellows and browns.

Red Class - Sensory Week

Red Class have been learning about their senses this week. The children were talking about colours and how we see. They also noticed that some children had blue eyes and others had brown. They were asked to paint an eye looking at themselves in the mirror first to see the shape of their eye and the colour and shape of their iris and pupil.

Yellow Class - Mud Kitchen

The children in Yellow Class have been making great use of the mud kitchen this week. After collecting leaves and conkers on a walk through the grounds, they made conker soup.

They made the soup and cooked it up on our makeshift cooker.

We have also planted some herbs to show the children about planting and growing and these were used in the soup to add in extra flavour!

Blue Class - Harvest Week

Following on from our Harvest Festival last week, we have been learning about the types of crops that are harvested and the children painted their own sweetcorn cob with their fingertips.

Yellow Class - Fruit Tasting and Fruit Kebabs

This week we learnt about being healthy. One of the ways we stay healthy is to eat different types of fruit to provide different vitamins to help our bodies. 

One of our activities was making fruit kebabs. We threaded banana, melon, apple and grapes on to sticks and then ate them. They were really tasty!

We then had the children trying  fruit while they were blindfolded and asking them to describe the flavour and guess what it was:

The children used many fantastic descriptive words such as soft, juicy and even sour for the passionfruit.

Red Class - Making Apple Crumble

After our fabulous Harvest Festival on Tuesday we continued with a harvest theme and made a delicious Apple Crumble using freshly harvested apples. 

First we peeled the apples using our tabletop apple peeler:

Then the apples were cooked. The children made the crumble topping and assembled the crumble. Here is the finished article:

The best part, of course, is the tasting of the pudding!

Tuesday 4th October - Harvest Festival

Today we celebrated our Harvest Festival. We held a scarecrow competition which the children were invited to enter by making a scarecrow to decorate our harvest table. Donations of food. toiletries and cleaning products were collected to be passed on to a charity working with local refugees. Thank you to all our parents for their generous donations.

Here are all our scarecrows. We awarded an overall winner and a winner from each class. Well done to everyone who entered.

For our Harvest celebration the children performed some Harvest songs in front of their parents and families. We hope everyone who attended enjoyed the singing and would like to thank the staff and children for all their hard work.

Blue Class - Cooking biscuits

Blue Class have been learning about squares this week and today they made Square Biscuits.

Yellow Class - Puffy Paint

This week we explored a new kind of messy play. We mixed shaving foam and PVA glue together to make 'puffy' paint. The children enjoyed mixing the colours together and working with a new medium.

Red Class - Learning about our bodies

Red Class have been learning about our bodies this week. They have learnt the names of some of our organs and what they do to keep the body alive and well. 

We even had the chance to listen to our own heartbeat through a doppler heart monitor.

Blue Class - Exploring the grounds

This week the Blue Class spent some time exploring the grounds around RMS. They were using their sense of touch to feel the natural elements within the grounds and their hearing to listen to the sounds of the crunchy leaves. 


Red Class - Creating Sunflowers

Our sound this week is 's' and the children created sunflowers in paint and in felt tips:

Within our 'All about me' topic, we learnt about our families. The children shared photos of their homes and families. In our home corner some of the children thoroughly enjoyed looking after the babies, especially bathing them.

Yellow Class - Food Tasting

This week we continued examining our senses with some food tasting. There were some very different tastes for the children to try. We offered them Marmite, lemon, lime, dark chocolate, honey, golden syrup, coffee (decaffeinated, of course!), satsuma, strawberry jam, gherkins and salad cream, covering the full range of sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami. Some of the faces pulled were a real picture! 

After each taste the children used a happy/sad face to let the teachers know whether they enjoyed the flavour.

Blue Class - Settling In

This week our Blue Class children continued to settle in to the classroom and discovered more activities to enjoy:

They especially enjoyed the new water play unit that was installed this week:

Also they attended the Hartbeeps session and had a fun time sorting the washing and pegging it up on the dryer:

Yellow Class - Exploring our senses

This week Yellow Class have been exploring some of their senses. They went on a looking and listening walk where they had to spot or hear things in the school grounds:

While on the walk they were using the cameras to take photographs:

They also used their sense of touch to discover and explore with messy play and spaghetti printing:


Red Class - PE and Using Monochrome

We had our first PE session in Red Class this week and the children were exploring how to balance and jump from a height:

We learnt about the artist Lynda Black who uses black and white to create artwork and we used various techniques to create our own pictures. Here are photographs of the children painting and weaving in monochrome:


Blue Class - Settling In

This week the children in Blue Class have been settling in to their new routines and here are some photos of them exploring the garden, the messy play area and some of our ICT equipment.


Yellow Class - Flick Painting

In Yellow Class the children have been exploring the work of Jackson Pollock. They attempted to create a flick painting picture.

Red Class - Science Experiments

As the focus of this week was STEAM (Science, Technology, Expressive Arts and Maths) Red Class have been carrying out plenty of experiments this week. They have experimented using Skittles to show colour separation, how colours can be separated using washing up liquid and creating gases using cola and mint sweets.

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