Ruspini House News - Summer Term 2016

Read on for more about what happened in  Ruspini House during the Summer Term 2016...

Blue Class - Tuesday 12th July 2016 - Making Crowns

Today we started making crowns for our end of term party on Friday.

We coloured them in using paint and added glitter for the finishing touches.



Red Class - Tuesday 5th July 2016 - Balloon Experiment

We were trying to inflate balloons using bottles containing water, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. The children really enjoyed watching the experiment and there was some fantastic language being used to predict what they thought would happen and to describe what was going on. Unfortunately the balloon did not inflate as much as we would have hoped, but the children could see how the chemical reaction created the gas to fill the balloon.

Yellow Class - Monday 4th July - Pouring and Measuring

Today we started our week of learning about pouring and measuring. We have been using our cylinders, pipes and funnels to move water around and finding out about volume and capacity.

Finally the sun came out to play and we have spent as much time as possible outside!

Blue Class - Monday 4th July 2016 - Making Pizza Muffins

Today we made our own pizza from muffins. We cut them in half, added tomato sauce and topped with cheese. We really enjoyed making them and they were very tasty too!

Blue Class - Friday 1st July - Obstacle Course and Throwing Balls

In PE today the children completed an obstacle course around the apparatus and then practised throwing balls into a big net. Some negotiated the course independently and others needed a little help at times. Everyone managed to throw a ball into the net, which shows great throwing skills.


Red Class - Friday 1st July 2016 - Fizzy Cloud Dough Experiment

The children in Red Class were fascinated when they mixed flour, oil and bicarbonate of soda into a dough with a pastry like consistency.  This could be formed into shapes, but also could easily be made to crumble again. Then they used pipettes to add vinegar to the dough and this caused it to fizz. They had a really enjoyable morning experimenting with this in pairs and the descriptive language used was really great to listen to.

Yellow Class - Thursday 30th June - Transition Visits

Today we had a transition visit to Red Class so that the children could get to know the classroom and areas that they will be in once the new term starts in September. They met their new teachers and made great use of the outdoor area. They are looking forward to more time cooking and building!

Miss Yerby's Wedding - Saturday 25th June 2016

Miss Yerby became Mrs Perren today after getting married to Andrew Perren. It was a lovely day and Miss Yerby looked beautiful. Even the weather held off (mostly)! We would like to congratulate them both and wish them all the best for the future.......


Red Class - Friday 24th June 2016 - Treasure Hunt

Today Red Class were set some challenges of natural things to find whilst they were on a walk i.e. a yellow flower, a small twig. They were very good at searching for these items and managed to collect them all.

Yellow Class - Monday 20th June 2016 - Posting Letters

We have been investigating Sand and Water for our topic this half term and this week we have been investigating the properties of some items and discovering whether they sink or float.

Our role play area this half term has been a Post Office and the children were very keen to post a letter home. So last week they worked on a picture and on Monday we posted them using the post box just outside our school gates. They have been very excited to receive their pictures this week!

Blue Class - Tuesday 21st June 2016 - Using cameras

Today we went for a walk and took along the digital cameras for the children to practise using. It is amazing how quickly they pick up on technology these days!

Blue Class - Thursday 16th June 2016 - Heart Sandwiches

As the shape we are learning this week is a heart, we made heart-shaped jam sandwiches using biscuit cutters! First we buttered the bread, then added the jam and finally cut out the shape.


Yellow Class - Tuesday 14th June 2016 - Fathers' Day Biscuits

Today we made biscuits which spelt out DAD to give to our families on Fathers' Day. We made the dough, rolled it out and then cut out the letters. We finished them off by icing them and adding tiny stars to make them shine.

Red Class - Tuesday 14th June 2016 - Bubble Painting

Today we painted pictures by making bubbles. We blew into the paint which had washing up liquid added to it to make the bubbles, then lay the paper over the top of the bubbles to make a picture. It was great fun.

Queen Elizabeth II's 90th Birthday Party - Friday 10th June 2016

Today we held a tea party in honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the occasion of her 90th birthday.

All of the Children prepared fairy cakes to eat and crowns to wear.

We shared Cucumber sandwiches and scones with jam, along with other tasty treats. We sang the National Anthem and wished her a very happy birthday with many more to come. We all sang the National Anthem and danced away the afternoon!

Happy Birthday, Your Majesty!


Yellow Class - Thursday 9th June 2016 - Balloon Jellyfish

‚ÄčToday the children made balloon jellyfish as we have been learning about the beach for our topic 'Sand and Water'.


Blue Class - Thursday 26th May 2016 - Minibeast Hunt

Today Blue Class went searching for minibeasts. They enjoyed digging around the bases of the trees to see what they could find.

Red Class - Wednesday 25th May - Handling Giant African Land Snails

Today we were handling our class snails, Sidney & Sybil. They have grown so big since we got them when they were babies.

Yellow Class - Tuesday 24th May - Making Spider Webs

To round off our Minibeast topic this week we have been creating our own spider webs by weaving in and out of paper plates with different coloured wool.

Red Class - Wednesday 18th May - Minibeast Fact Files

Over the last few days the children have each been completing a minibeast fact file at home. They brought their projects in to share the facts about their chosen minibeast with the rest of the class.

Yellow Class - Tuesday 17th May - Making a Minibeast Den

The children wanted to make a minibeast den today. So we covered over an area of the classroom and they enjoyed crawling under the covers to view the minibeasts lurking below.

Yellow Class - Thursday 12th May - Ice Play

Today Yellow Class were exploring the properties of ice and playing with it. They spent time discussing why it melts and estimating how long it would take to melt completely.

Blue Class - Tuesday 10th May 2016 - Butterflies and Bees

Today we have been very busy! We have made papier mâché bees and talked about how bees make honey. We have used honey to make biscuits and tasted them. They were delicious!Our butterfly larvae also hatched over the weekend, so after having a really good look at them and learning all about their lifecycle we released them to enjoy the sunshine.



Red Class - Monday 9th May - Releasing Butterflies

When we came back to school this morning our caterpillars, who had been sleeping in their chrysalises, had emerged as butterflies! The class was very excited to have been part of these butterflies' life cycle and, as the afternoon was sunny, we released them in to the grounds to live out their lives.

Yellow Class - Friday 6th May 2016 - Our visiting ducks are back!

Today we were told that the ducks who visit the RMS Quad to nest were back. Each year the same pair of ducks come and raise their family in the Quad at the back of the Old Mark Hall. The school provides them with their very own paddling pool to swim in and we have the pleasure of watching the ducklings grow up until they eventually fly away to a new home. 

We have to be very quiet when we visit though!

Blue Class - Thursday 5th May 2016 - Sunny days!

Blue Class have been making the most of the weather today as the sun has been shining. The shoes and socks are off and they are playing in the sandpit.....

Yellow Class - Thursday 5th May 2016 - Minibeasts

The topic of 'Minibeasts' continues to be of great interest and excitement to the children. A visit to the school pond provided the children with the chance to see a range of insects including a dragonfly.

The children have also worked together to create their own 'minibeast' gardens using a range of different materials and textures.

Red Class - Tuesday 3rd May/Wednesday 4th May - Frogs and Snails

Red Class took a walk to the school pond on Tuesday to release the froglets that they have been watching develop in the classroom. They were ready for release having changed from a tadpole to a froglet by growing legs:

On Wednesday they were using paint and marbles to create Snail Trails:


Red Class - Friday 29th April - Caterpillars

Red Class have taken great interest in watching the caterpillars grow in our butterfly garden and are really looking forward to watching them transform in to beautiful butterflies. Watch this space!

Blue Class - Friday 29th April - Moving like Minibeasts

Today Blue Class were being encouraged to move like minibeasts in their PE session. They were asked to spin like spiders, flutter like butterflies and here they are wriggling like worms:

We also had the opportunity to examine some tadpoles that had been brought in to Ruspini House by one of the older children:

Yellow Class - Monday 25th April 2016 - Minibeasts

Yellow Class have jumped right in to the new 'Minibeasts' project and have been introduced to a range of different insects. All of the children have taken part in creative craft activities to explore this topic further including making ladybirds and counting the spots, as well as papier- mâché bumble bees. The children are looking forward to a visit to the school pond in order to investigate minibeasts further. 

Blue Class - Tuesday 19th April 2016 - Minibeast Role Play Area

The children in Blue Class were very excited to return to school to find themselves in with a number of large minibeasts in their role-play area!

Yellow Class - Tuesday 19th April 2016 - Nature Walk

The children were excited to return to school after their Easter holidays. One of the first activities we took part in was to return to the outdoor environment to see what the changing season had brought with it and to observe the growing leaves on the trees.

The new topic this term is 'Minibeasts' and everybody is looking forwadr to learning all about insects and their different habitats.


Red Class - Thursday 20th April 2016 - Queen's birthday Tea Party

Red Class celebrated the Queen's birthday in style with an English picnic of tea, cake and cucumber.

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