Joining Hind House

Every year, we welcome new girls to Hind House, as well as girls who have moved up from Year 11.

Whether you are new to RMS or not, Hind House represents a whole new experience; you will be taught in a dedicated Sixth Form Centre, and your teachers will come to you; class sizes are small, and you will be taught in a seminar style, which will prepare you well for university; and your position at the top of the School will bring with it numerous opportunities for leadership and responsibility.

But don't just take our word for it - read on for thoughts from our current and former Sixth Formers; some joined the School new in Year 12 having chosen to make the move from other local schools, and for others the Sixth Form was the culmination of the journey from Reception all the way through the School.

For more information about the admissions process for joining the Sixth Form at RMS, click here

Sophie, current student

Hello, I am Sophie and I am currently in Year 13 studying my A2s. I have been at RMS since Reception, making this my fourteenth year here. It is for this reason that, after GCSEs, I considered leaving RMS to join another Sixth Form because I thought I should experience new things and make new friends.

I decided against leaving RMS as no other school I looked at was of the same standard academically, socially and in terms of extra curricular activities on offer, for example the new opportunities to be part of Young Enterprise, Model United Nations and senior sports teams; all of which I have been involved in. Furthermore, staying at RMS has given me the privilege of being part of the Leadership Team and so enhanced my involvement in the school.

RMS Sixth Form is perfect because it provides the comfort and familiarity of staying at the same school, whilst allowing you to learn new subjects, meet new girls and grow to become independent in the friendly environment of Hind House. 

Sixth Form is probably the best two years you will ever have at school, going by so quickly and before you know it you will be in my situation applying to university. Staying at RMS helped my university application as my teachers knew me really well and so were able to support me appropriately and write a detailed reference.

Ultimately, A Levels are the most important exams you will do and so it is really important that you choose a Sixth Form that will help you thrive and achieve your personal best. For me, the knowledge that I would have great teachers for my subjects, alongside the extra opportunities on offer to develop my interests outside of the classroom meant that RMS was an obvious choice.  

Olivia, current student, joined in Year 12

I have loved my time at RMS and I'm already dreading the thought of having to leave next year! As terrified as I was about starting a new school, settling in couldn't have been easier and I already feel like I've been here for years. It was great to feel so welcome. One of the main reasons I chose to come to RMS was because of the broad range of subject choices and I had also heard many things about the community spirit of RMS and the fact you are recognised for all your achievements. I am really looking forward to the MUN conference in May, something that I had never heard of or had the opportunity to be a part of before I came to RMS. It's really nice to always look forward to coming to school.

Lucy, current student, joined in Year 12

I joined RMS at the beginning of Sixth Form. Having moved from a much smaller school in the search for change and a wider range of opportunities the move was quite daunting. However after the first term I had been made to feel welcome by my classmates and had begun to make close friendships. I have since had the opportunity to take part in activities such as Gold DofE and Young Enterprise. RMS  offered me A-level subjects that have allowed me to meet the requirements to pursue my goal in studying Zoology at University.

Daniella, former student

If not for RMS I would not be in the position I am fortunate enough to be in today. I am currently at Birmingham City University in my second year studying Textile Design. I was lucky enough to experience subjects that I had never had the opportunity to study before including both Photography and Textiles. I joined RMS in Year 12 from another local school. and during my time at the school my class sizes were small enough for me to receive the support and individual attention I needed but I was also able to carry out my work independently as the quality of the teaching was of such a high calibre. The photography department and the equipment it has to offer is not like that of any other school. The skills I learnt doing Photography at RMS have been invaluable to my degree and have given me a head start at university. The Textile department inspired me to want to go into my specific field of study and as a result of studying Applied Business and Textiles together I have now decided that I would like to become a buyer and obtain a degree in Textile Retail Management.   

My role of Deputy Head Girl included being in charge of Charity for the school. I am so appreciative that I was given this opportunity as it has inspired me to continue raising awareness and fundraising for charities today. Having this responsibility in sixth form life helped me to gain a place at university and it enabled me to meet new people, form bonds quickly and achieve something very worthwhile during my short time at RMS.

I am so glad I made the decision to move to RMS for sixth form. The teachers, the pupils and the support and facilities it offers are fantastic and I could not have asked for a better sixth form life. 

Lauren, former student 

My RMS 6th Form experience was life changing!  The inspiration and motivation I received from the teachers resulted in me achieving a set of grades I never thought possible.

My class mates had a diverse range of ambitions aspiring to be anything from Artists to Lawyers, and the staff did their utmost to help each girl achieve her potential.  This included a high level of academic support as well as advice and help with the often daunting University application process.

Being Deputy Head Girl and part of the Prefect body, gave me the opportunity to develop my leadership, organisational and communication skills.  Workshops run by external industry professionals further enhanced my knowledge of CV writing, interview technique, and how to stand out in the competitive graduate employment field. 

In addition, the extra curricular activities, including a school production at the Watersmeet Theatre, a Bio Diversity trip to Indonesia, Young Enterprise Business Scheme, Model United Nations and performing in various choirs further enhanced my 6th form experience.

Having secured my place at Leeds University to study International Relations, I decided to first take a Gap Year to explore the world and gain new experiences. This includes volunteering in a children’s home in Israel, an Internship at an International Clothing company in Perth, work experience in a law firm in Sydney and teaching in a school in Fiji.

I had the best time in 6th Form and made many life long friends. ‘Once an RMS girl, always an RMS girl!’

Liberty, Former Student (joined in Year 12)

Moving School at Sixth Form requires a lot of consideration. For me relationships were very important, yet here I was about to move from a group of friends and teachers I had spent the best part of five years with. However, looking back, I had nothing to worry about; RMS welcomed me with open arms, the induction was fantastic, assisting me in making solid relationships with my peers and teachers before the term even started.

Two things really stood out for me, my form tutor was great, just seemed to understand exactly what I needed, and the whole staff team embraced new girls, being interested in us and supportive in a non-patronising way.

I found the School quite difficult to navigate but even that did not matter, as round every corner was a friendly face that wanted to help. There was no shortage of encouragement either, if you had any doubts about anything someone was there to lend and hand.

My two years at RMS secured my resilience, confidence and appetite to learn that was needed to face University, I will be forever indebted to RMS and would recommend the Sixth Form to anyone.


Sixth Form Reading List - Preparation for September 2016 Entry

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