Leadership Roles in the Sixth Form

Taking on positions of responsibility is an important part of Sixth Form life at RMS.  

Our Sixth Formers hold the positions of Head Girl, Deputy Head Girls, Sports Captains, Subject Ambassadors, Charity Prefects and Mentors to younger pupils.

Our Senior Girls are encouraged to act as role models and to play a significant part oat the forefront of the School.  Developing skills in teamwork and leadership, communication and presentation, problem solving and tolerance, is a vital part of preparing you for the future.

For members of our Senior Team of Head Girl and Deputy Head Girls, there is a leadership training course led by military personnel where our girls compete against senior boys from a local grammar school.  Our girls always do exceptionally well, frequently out-performing their male counterparts on the initiative challenges and command task.

Read below for some accounts from our Sixth Formers...


Being Head Girl at RMS

My RMS story began in Reception and since then, the school has encouraged me to achieve my full potential in all fields, academically and in extra-curricular activities.

Our values-based education has enabled me to establish solid foundations, which will carry me forward now and into the future. As Head Girl for this academic year, I hope to give back to the school community as a small contribution to what they have given me.

I have had opportunities like no other here at RMS, for example the Cultural Exchange to Atorkor in Ghana. The trip has inspired me to work in the Charity Sector in the future, specifically working with children in the Third World.

RMS is an enabling environment where each individual is taught to strive for greatness in her own way, and I am privileged to have been given such a well-rounded education.

Head of Boarding

As Head of Boarding I have several different responsibilities such as welcoming new boarding students, supporting Head of Houses and Senior House Prefects and being a figure for students to talk to. I hold Boarders' Council Meetings and Food Committee Meetings. In these meetings we come up with new suggestions and ideas for the Boarding Community. Recently, we have introduced a new ‘Boarder’s Photography Competition’.  I also organise certain boarding events such as Boarders' Family Dinners. I always try to help students with any difficulties they may face. 

Deputy Head Girls - PR

As Deputy Head Girls with responsibility for Public Relations our main responsibility is to organise and ensure smooth running of tours around the School. With the help of Mrs Braiden we receive the tour timetable every week and select students for tours according to their free periods. We are also in charge of informing our peers about the time and expectation of their tours.

Alongside this we have regular meetings with the School's Marketing Department and make suggestions regarding the school website and social media. We are also responsible for interviewing girls about their achievements for the school website.

The role is enjoyable as we have to communicate with many different people on a regular basis; this means that we get the opportunity to meet up with girls in the Prep and Lower school and get to know different members of staff throughout the administration department of the School. 

Deputy Head Girl - Academic Support

This year I was chosen as Deputy Head Girl responsible for Academic Support. It’s my job to try and make the academic lives of my peers run as smoothly as possible. 

I work alongside teachers and Sixth Form volunteers to provide help where we can. For example I have organised a peer tutoring system for girls in Years 7 to 9. This involves Sixth Form volunteers meeting once a week with girls and helping them through their work for a particular subject. 

I also try to make the transition between each key stage in the School manageable by organising subject talks and getting Old Girls to come and give advice to our Sixth Formers.

I love my job as it gives me the opportunity to help girls in the lower years who I would ordinarily not have contact with. I feel this leadership role has taught me a lot especially in terms of organisation and communication skills which will hold me in good stead for the future.”

Deputy Head Girl - Logistics

As Deputy Head Girl with responsibility for Logistics, my main job is to put together and manage rotas for lunch duty, ICT duty and lost property duty for all of the Prefects to complete throughout the week and ensure Prefects carry out their duties.

The Head Girl and I have also been working together with FORMS to arrange events such as the Christmas Fair through promoting the events and recruiting volunteers to help out. 

Deputy head Girl - School Council

This year I was chosen as the Deputy Head Girl with responsibility for School Council. This involves me leading a committee of representatives from Year 7 to 13, chairing meetings where we discuss ways to improve the School. Along with the Secretary to School Council, I then arrange meetings with the relevant members of the RMS staff to discuss our suggestions and hopefully have them put in place.

The role involves communicating with many different members of staff and to large assemblies of people, which I have thoroughly enjoyed and which has helped improve my confidence.

Deputy Head Girls - Charities

As Deputy Head Girls with responsibility for charities, we select three charities for the whole School to vote on. From this we will then run the School’s fundraising programme for the selected School Charity and for any other causes that occur throughout the year. Last year, the School chose to support the children's medical research charity SPARKS, and we will next term announce the 2017/18 School Charity.

We keep the school up to date on charity news throughout the year; creating and running events that will engage the students and teachers and raise money for a good cause. 

We raise awareness through public speaking in assemblies to promote fundraising events, such as festive luck dip, cake sales and non-uniform days. 

Subject Ambassador - Geography

Being a Subject Ambassador has provided me with the opportunity to help in Lower School Geography lessons, help at Geography Clinic and offer individual help to girls.

This is an invaluable service for the younger girls as I am able to offer them the skills that I have learnt over the years in a friendly but productive environment. It has helped me grow in confidence and my enthusiasm for geography has blossomed as a result; an enthusiasm which I hope transfers to younger students.

Sports Captains

School Netball Captain
I have played for the RMS netball teams since year 4, and so being in my final year of school, it is a real honour and privilege to be able to captain the school. My role entails motivating the team throughout our many fixtures both home and away during the year. The role has built on my responsibility in school as I am in charge of ensuring girls attend trainings and are aware of fixtures. Being captain has allowed me to get closer with girls in different years who also have an interest in the sport.

School Hockey Captain
Ever since I was young I loved hockey, and I don’t love it for any other reason than when I get out there and play, I enjoy it. I started playing hockey when I was 8 and now in my last year of sixth form I have been chosen by my teacher to be the captain of the senior team. In this role I motivate and positively encourage my teammates so that everyone can achieve the best they can. Every week we have training and fixtures against schools in the area. Since this year RMS has an Astro pitch, which means we now have a home pitch. The new pitch has improved our play as we now have regular training sessions.


Being a Prefect

Being a Prefect at RMS is a huge honour but generates a significant amount of responsibility.

As a Prefect, I am able to contribute to the day to day running of the school and, hopefully, act as a role model for the younger girls. I enjoy the role and the opportunities it brings to give back something to the RMS community that has benefitted me so greatly over the last six years.



Last academic year I volunteered to mentor a girl who was entering Year 9. Having only joined the school a year earlier, I knew how to help her settle in. We met once a week at break time and discussed how she was settling in, the easiest ways to make friends,  how best to organise her homework and also to go through any pieces of work that I was able to help with.

This experience was very beneficial for both of us, as I felt that I was really made a difference with her school life and enjoyed witnessing her flourish and make friends. In addition, I feel that she appreciated the experience as I was able to help her through any problems she faced, whether they were involving academics or friendship. 

Machio (RMS School Magazine) Prefect

This year the Machio team have come up with ‘A day in the life of an RMS girl’ for our theme. This title means that the entire magazine will be presented like a school timetable. We will take a look at things like registration, first lessons and after school clubs. The format will represent an RMS girl’s timetable and will develop onwards until we have reached the end of an RMS day. The girls have been working very hard on the theme this year and it’s been a pleasure working alongside them.


The magazine has also inspired the girls to talk about what being an RMS girl means to them, and therefore I thought I’d leave you with some of my own thoughts…


I have been an RMS girl for fourteen years. RMS has been a major part of my life and looking back on it now brings about a tremendous number of memories such as; how the school uniform has changed, how we all used to wear our hair plaited in the prep department and how excited we used to get when we realised it was our turn on the adventure playground. The excitement before our school production or our school concert (where, if we were lucky, we were allowed to stay after the interval.) The shocking amount of freedom and independence the senior school gave us and things like the apprehension of auditioning for school drill for the first time, after hearing about the strict rules and the "scary teachers".

It all builds up this tapestry of experience, reminding us of the values we've learnt here, or perhaps the strange mannerisms and phrases we took on as part of our character. I'm sure it'll be a while before I can say "Shall we sit on the Garth in the sun after lunch?" or "Ah, you'll need to go to the San for that." It is these small details, that we sometimes overlook, that make us RMS girls.

It’s not just the grounds, the Sports Centre, the Library, or the Garth that helps to create an RMS girl, it's also the understanding, independence and confidence that comes to mind when considering our character upon leaving. Ironically it is the act of moving on that pushes us to consider what we've done as part of this community, what we've learnt about, our friendships, and who we have developed into. To me, RMS has been a lifestyle, a place which I will hold a certain amount of fondness for and a school that has allowed the class of 1999 and all the rest to come, to be independent, confident and knowledgeable of not only what's in our books, but also what is important for the world beyond.   

Subject Ambassador - English

I'm in Year 13 and I am studying English Literature at A Level. RMS has encouraged my love for English most recently by appointing me an English Ambassador. 

This role allows me to work within the School community to promote English through whole school assemblies, competitions and reading passports. By doing assemblies, it brings the whole School's attention towards the importance of English and any upcoming events to inspire the School community.

In the Sixth Form, a wide variety of English clubs allowed me explore different areas of English. Some of these clubs include debating society, creative writing club and essay writing skills. These clubs gave me more confidence by working closely with teachers to tackle specific areas I found difficult.

Through the motivation and support that RMS has given me, I am now looking forward to studying English Literature at university next year and furthering the knowledge I have established at RMS.

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