The Ashlar - a unique RMS Tradition

The Ashlar is a ‘polished cornerstone’ and it is a traditional and valued award given as a silver badge to girls in recognition of their hard work, demonstration of the school values, and contributions to school life.  Pupils have the opportunity to earn an Ashlar at various stages in their school life from the end of Year 10 through the 6th Form, and feedback will be given to support pupils along the way.

The School motto comes from Psalm 144, “That our daughters may be as the polished cornerstones of the Temple.”  When a stone for the Temple was prepared by the builders, it was first chiselled into a rough cube, known as a rough Ashlar. It was then the task of the more skilled craftsmen to form it into a smooth Ashlar, fit to take its place in the walls of the Temple.  It is with enormous pride that we assist the girls on their journey though the School, helping them to learn personal and academic skills until they move onto the next phase of their careers as charming, confident, thoughtful young women.

Candidates for an Ashlar should demonstrate high standards in the following areas:

  • Respect for Others – a pupil should demonstrate respect for and good manners to pupils, staff and visitors.
  • Participation – a pupil should contribute to the wider community and participate in school life in a positive way e.g. clubs, volunteering, sports, values alphas, awards etc.
  • Self-Discipline – a pupil should demonstrate self-discipline in the fulfilment of responsibilities. Work should be submitted on time, and the student should be on time for lessons and for tutor time. Behaviour must be of the highest standard.
  • Self-Respect – a pupil’s conduct should demonstrate the school values, and pride in appearance (in keeping with the uniform requirements).

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