Elizabeth Berryman

Music, Dance and Drama are some of my favourite activities, and at RMS I have had a chance to be involved with each of them.

I joined RMS in Year 7. I already had violin lessons but I had never played in a full orchestra before. I was in the Royal Masonic Symphony Orchestra or RMSO in Year 7 and am now a part of Sinfonia as well.  I have an older sister who has just left RMS and I had been to many productions in the past I always wanted to get involved.

I also started singing lessons which I hadn't done before. I was immediately involved in Performing Arts so I quickly made friends from many year groups who had similar interests. I was a big part of the Demon Headmaster, the Lower School production in 2014/15. I was also a part of the Mix Tape Dance Show which was run by Sixth Formers which was a good opportunity for us to see what we might be able to do when we get higher up the School.

I have been able to balance both school work and Performing Arts well and I have especially enjoyed Latin and History - I have also just started Mandarin which is a fantastic challenge.

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