Model United Nations

The purpose of Model United Nations is to replicate the workings of the real United Nations.

Delegates are assigned to a country and a committee, and are required to play the roles of diplomats. They first have to research the issues from the perspective of both the UN and the country they represent, and then have to prepare a stance on these issues which accurately and realistically reflects their country's views. At the conference itself, they have to lobby for support with the delegates of other countries and then debate the issues according to their country's standpoint.

Debates are conducted according to rules of parliamentary procedure, and are controlled by student officers. Delegates have to operate on a range of levels; they have to research topics, they have to develop the social skills of an effective lobbyist, and they have to present their ideas in a demanding debating forum.

The Model United Nations programme gives pupil increased confidence and develops abilities which they had never dreamt they possessed. It is also a fantastic opportunity to meet students from different countries and cultures.



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