The Arts

Eleven years ago, the Faculty of Performing Arts was formally established at RMS, combining our thriving Music, Drama and Dance departments.  From here the Faculty has gone from strength to strength and is now at the cultural heart of the School. Students have the opportunity to work together, express themselves, explore different cultures and open their minds to a vast array of genres.

Every year we put on an ever more diverse programme of events and we watch the girls as they step up to new and challenging roles.  As a School we are very proud of their achievements, and their performances are watched and appreciated by parents, pupils, staff and the outside community.

There are plenty of opportunities for the girls to become involved either in performing or in supporting backstage. Our thriving after school clubs, choirs and orchestras welcome any girl who wishes to be involved and hidden talents are often uncovered.

Alongside our staged productions and concerts we run two unique events during the School year.  Rush Hour Concerts are put on at the end of the academic day and are open to all those who would like to attend,  Our Masterclass series, where we welcome some of the world's finest musicians, enthral us with their performances and give our talented students valuable coaching and inspiration.

The Community Arts Project, established in 2008, helps our students to value the importance of the wider community and gives them the opportunity to bring happiness to the local residents.  The girls find the experience extremely rewarding and fulfilling and sometimes quite emotional. One such experience was when the students and staff put on an Old Time Music Hall show which was taken to many venues and included a nostalgic "sing along".  The final performance was at The Royal Hospital, Chelsea which proved to be a huge success with the Chelsea pensioners.

You can view the Department of Performing Arts Programme of Events here

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