So, we've told you what we think makes RMS special and unique, but don't just take our word for it..

Below you will find some testimonials from current and past parents, and from the girls themselves.

Katie, Current Year 12 Student

I joined RMS in Year 7, as a shy 12-year-old girl, lacking in confidence. I am now entering Year 12 as a confident and accomplished 16-year-old, having achieved GCSE results that I could only have dreamt of. RMS has given me more than I could ever have imagined. From a National Spelling Bee in Year 7, to Sailing and Skiing clubs in Year 9, and then Taekwondo in Year 11, I cannot say that there has ever been a dull moment! The school’s ethos revolves around striving for one’s personal best and this is something that I have become very passionate about; it is not about being in competition with your peers, or working in a stressful ‘hot-house’ environment. On the contrary, it is about making the most of the opportunities on offer, having a go even if you are not the most talented, and being able to flourish as a unique individual. It’s about learning in a supportive environment in which you are encouraged to fulfil your own potential. The teachers at RMS are committed beyond belief, not only being passionate about their subjects and on call for any guidance, but also willing to take us on some amazing trips around the world. I, myself, have been fortunate enough to have gone to places such as Iceland, New York and more recently to Mexico - for a biodiversity conservation trip - just to name but a few. These have enriched my learning and awareness of the world in ways that a classroom environment is unable to do. I feel so fortunate to have had this time at RMS, as it has helped me to grow as a person and become someone with aspirations, who is not afraid to reach for the stars. The most important life lesson that RMS has taught me is not to just rely on one’s natural ability; it is your commitment, hard work and drive that reaps the most successful rewards and these are qualities that RMS strives to bring out of each and every one of us.

Katie, Year 12


Former Parent

The Royal Masonic School for Girls has been home for the education of our three girls: Charlotte who has a masters degree from Goldsmiths, University of London, Nneoma who just completed a masters degree at the University of Leeds and finally Olivia, who this summer, passed her A Level exams with flying colours, well exceeding all her offers and is now heading to her university of first choice - the University of Bath to begin a four year masters degree in Pharmacy (MPharm).

We will always be grateful to Mrs Rose, the Head of RMS and the entire academic and non academic staff for their support and dedication, their excellent nurturing and teaching and the general welfare of all the girls in their care who attend this excellent school and in particular the Nwokenna girls who have benefitted immensely from the education available at this world class institution of learning. 

RMS is a school where girls learn in an environment of serenity with large and comfortable classrooms, well equipped laboratories, a library that is the envy of other schools, a wonderful sixth form complex, first class sporting facilities, beautiful living accommodation for the boarders and a menu in the dining hall which my husband once described as “Hilton on the Park”.

Girls are encouraged to work, think and learn at their own pace without undue pressure from their teachers who always go the extra mile by being available to offer help whenever it is needed.  This provides the perfect environment in which girls can fulfil their full potential and achieve their personal best. 

A range of extra curricular activities from learning to sail at RMS sailing club to learning to play the flute and guitar for pleasure; from teaching at a village school in Ghana to assisting marine biology researchers in the Indonesian rainforest have all contributed to Olivia enjoying twelve happy years at RMS and we couldn’t have asked for a better educational experience for her. 

In the sixth form, the support offered to Olivia during her Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) was second to none.  The guidance and direction she received throughout the UCAS application process and the interview practice that was arranged by the school to support her pharmacy application was invaluable.

I wholeheartedly recommend The Royal Masonic School for Girls to all parents who wish to give their girls a first class well rounded and balanced education.


Year 13 Parent

RMS and us (parents) have produced a lovely, eloquent, confident young lady with many many qualities, skills and experiences that have enriched her and will stay with her for life. Her 14 years at RMS have given her the very best of beginnings, she leaves with so much more than a handful of grades and we are grateful and proud. She has had unwavering support and encouragement throughout, and has received a positive, nurturing education in all dimensions. She loves RMS.  
We could not have chosen a better school for her.

Year 13 Leaver

After the whirlwind of events that lead up to leavers, on top of the exam period i felt like i never got closure on what was my entire life at Royal Masonic. Its strange to say that even though it was 14 years ago, I still remember the first time i came to Royal Masonic for my assessment, only 3 years old, I suppose those moments, the life changing one, no matter how long ago are the ones you remember. I distinctively remember Mrs Bray, my reception teacher who was over on exchange from Australia, rewarding me which a Kangaroo sticker when I made it to Break without my mum having to stay with me!
Needless to say, when I joined RMS I was shy and quiet. Over my 14 years, Royal Masonic brought my character and confidence out and allowed me to become the person I am today. I realised not long into my time in Prep that Royal Masonic was an incredibly special place, quite honestly I knew there was no other place like it. Although I wasn't the most intelligent in the class, far from it actually, I always felt special and that I had an important role to play in school life. The thing is, I could sit here and apologise for the fact I really did slip up on my exam results, but still with straight As that wouldn't of been the most I gained from Royal Masonic. Its everything from when you step out of the classroom and into the corridor or out onto the Garth that makes Royal Masonic so special - there really is no place like it. Through simply joining choirs and being in shows over the years I managed to have a network of real friends years above and years below me, to walk down the corridor and see friends faces of girls in every year group, that's something special. When I reached year 13 I felt the year merge together, bond even stronger than the previous year, friendship groups merged to affectively one large friendship group - I found a friend in pretty much everyone!
Royal Masonic brought me so much fun, love and happiness and really became my second home for 14 years, my life does feel empty now without it. It gave me the courage to challenge myself and aim high, without having to be a straight A grade student. Over my two years of sixth form, I found my a levels a real struggle, however my teachers never gave up, everyone wanted to help and persevere with what I wanted to achieve, I was always encouraged by the efforts my teachers put into helping me with academic work. Now as I go to college and give education one last try, I will take everything I learnt at Royal Masonic and apply it to the next year and the rest of my life.
I came to Royal Masonic as a 4 year old child and left as an 18 year old young-lady, the girl I am today and everything I have achieved is because of this incredible school. Although it may not have seemed as attractive at 7 am on a Monday morning, Royal Masonic is a one of a kind place, aesthetically it is beautiful but inside it is so much more, its provided me with the building blocks for the rest of my life and I honestly wouldn't change a moment of my time at RMS.
This letter is really just to say thank you, for everything you have done to make Royal Masonic an incredible place to spend my 14 years, i will treasure my time there forever

Year 13 Parent

I am writing to let you know how pleased we are with the education C has had at the Royal Masonic. When she was further down the school we never imagined that she would end up at a Russell Group university of her first choice doing the subject she wanted. Although her A2 results were not so good, which came as a bit of a shock to her, her ASs ended up with 3 As giving her some leeway.

She has always been unpredictable in exams and with her dyslexia, has had difficulty writing logically. However the help she has had from the staff over the years has been considerable. In particular Mr Grogan has been a great teacher and form tutor for C. He seemed to know when to be sympathetic and when to put on the pressure to get the best out of C. Miss Simmonite and, further down the school, Mr Broome, have also been good influences for her.
It is important that RMS takes girls of all abilities and provides a nurturing environment for them. Although C was not an academic star she felt valued and really enjoyed all the leadership roles she had last year. At other schools I think C could have been overlooked and would not have achieved as she has.

We are very grateful for what you and the staff have done for C over the years and we are sure the school will continue to thrive.

Year 12 Parent

Thank you so much for your support and perseverance . I know K will be thrilled (with her English Literature re-mark, which took her from a B to and A grade)  - just think that when she first started at RMS in the prep school she was thought to be at least 2 years behind the ‘average ‘ pupil in the UK . I know her language skills will always be an issue for her but she has developed great determination as well as huge pride in achieving good marks against the odds and I know we have RMS to thank for this .So thank you all

Year 13 Parent

We want to repay in some way the marvellous educational and pastoral experience my daughter has had. She had the pick of the so called " top" girls schools but we were unhappy with the idea she could be thrown out at her most vulnerable time as a teenager if down the line there were problems. We fell in love with RMS. They have been so supportive to us when we have really needed it. Their responsiveness is amazing. We always felt our occasional concerns were listened to and acted on. My daughter has achieved beyond our expectations and has had a very fulfilling time in sport, orchestra, music, young enterprise and many other opportunities which are open to all . She has still managed to achieve academically. We remain very satisfied parents. The provision is exceptional led by an amazing Head whom we hold in the highest respect.

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