Boarding Stories

We have tried to explain what it is like to be a boarder at RMS but the best way to find out is to hear it from those that know boarding here best - our boarders!

Here are some accounts from some of our boarders..


As a first time boarder I was terrified of the new experience I was thrown into, but I couldn’t have asked for better housemistresses to help me through it. The independence you gain from being away from your parents is great but scary and it’s good to know that there is always an adult who’s there to offer support, a listening ear and occasionally call you a wally when you hit your head on your bedroom sink...!

Only in Connaught would you have a Housemistress who would get the Doctor Who boxset for a mega marathon AND make you and your nerdy best friend many cakes to enjoy while watching it.

Boarding in Connaught has enabled me to meet people from all over the world, whom I’d never would have had the pleasure of meeting had I not been there. What amazes me about this House is that it doesn’t matter when you start boarding, you fit into our community right away, for example the three German girls, Senta, Florintine and Yasmin who sadly left us at Christmas.

I’m going to miss Connaught, not only because it’s the most recently renovated, but also because of the memories it holds from my first two years at RMS and the friendships I’ve formed within its walls. However the thing I’ll miss most about Connaught is the two amazing housemistresses Miss Batty and Miss Fieldhouse who looked after us and made us feel at home. Thank you both so much.

As I look forward to boarding life in Sixth Form, I am excited for the prospect of having my own room, the extended periods of free time I will get on weekends, but most of all being able to make popcorn again. Oh and maybe making new friends....


My name is Sewuese, I am originally from Nigeria and came to the UK in 2011. I’m pretty pleased to say that my experience so far has been amazing. Since joining RMS, I have learnt and benefited in a lot of ways from various housemistresses, fellow boarders and lastly, the boarding house itself. It makes me smile when people say that boarding is ‘Home away from Home’ due to the fact that boarding in the UK and at RMS truly brought me to the realisation of this statement. Boarding in itself holds a truck full of opportunities for young people who choose to enjoy such an advantage. These include meeting new people, learning from different cultures and developing certain skills that will eventually help each and every one of the boarders in the future.

I enjoy boarding in the UK due to the fact that I have learnt to see the people here as family. I have also learnt to open up to them hence allowing me to feel a sense of belonging whenever I get the chance to be around them. Although I am from a different country, I do feel as though I have adapted to UK culture in a way that would help me stand out amongst others.

In terms of boarding in the UK, I have developed and learnt a lot of new things that will serve as an advantage to me in the future. These include learning a whole new language as well as new vocabulary, getting to tour the UK, meeting new people, and lastly, an open door to opportunities that will further help me in a career in the UK in the future.

Lastly, boarding in the UK holds a lot of opportunities that would broaden the knowledge of anyone who choses to take advantage of such an opportunity. I do advice young people to see boarding in this country as a way to learn from a very important culture and still be able to hold traits from where they originally come from. All in all, I love boarding in this country and would advice anyone who can to come along as well.


I started boarding when i first arrived at RMS in Year 7.  Over the years, I have had my home in three different boarding houses - first Weybridge, then Harris, and lastly Connaught - and I am sad to say that this year has been my last in Connaught as I move onto the Sixth Form.

I’ve had some pretty amazing times with some pretty amazing house staff during my time at RMS.  I once found myself in a bit of a sticky situation about two years ago, and I thought I was alone but the house mistresses were and are always there for you, no matter what the issue is, they go the extra mile just to make sure you’ve had a good day and that you’re okay. 

There are times when the housemistresses are like your parents, checking you've done your homework, or tidied your room, but they only do it because they care so much.



RMS has been a part of my life for seven years, it’s been like a second home for so much of my life I practically grew up here. From Weybridge to Connaught my boarding life has been the most topsy-turvy journey of all. I’m sure all the day girls can’t even imagine living at School, being here eight hours a day is more than enough, but actually after everyone goes home for the day the boarding houses come to life and it’s a completely different story. Boarders become your friends and housemistresses act like spare parents who are always there if I need an extra shoulder to cry on or an extra person to share a joke with.

People with siblings will understand that living with someone twenty-four seven can drive you nuts, that’s kind of like what it is to board. But living with these people, you get to know all their crazy habits and quirks which make you love them even more, they become like family. I’ve made friends from Nepal, Spain, China, Kenya and even Kazakhstan, which (sorry to Miss Williams and the Geography Department) I didn’t even know was a country....!


Hello, my name is Hanee and I am from Korea. Since year 7, I have been studying in England and in year 10 I moved to RMS. Through my life at RMS, I have made the school my second home. Through boarding, I got to make friends more quickly and encountered various extra-curricular activities, such as Chapel choir and Italian. The fact that you are always at school also meant that I was not only able use all the amazing facilities at school, such as the music rooms and the gym, but was also able get help from the teachers more easily, whenever needed. Through my last year as Head of Boarding and an International prefect, I was able to improve Boarding, in a way that the ideas I was suggesting were put into action. Working with the theme of improving integration within boarding, we started Boarders Family dinner, which meant that girls from different houses knew each other a little bit better. Being at RMS has given me so many opportunities and skills. Performing in front of a lot of people on Prize day was a memorable experience and I am sure that the skills I have learned from the school will benefit me a lot in my future!

The boarding house staff are second to none and do an amazing job supporting, guiding and caring for the girls Boarding parent

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