Catering at RMS

  • 230,400 freshly cooked meals prepared and served each year

  • 3000kg of fresh vegetables bought by us each month

The standard of food served at RMS is outstanding and there is always plenty of choice!  We adhere to Healthy Eating Standards and your daughter will be encouraged to eat well and make healthy choices.

We listen to girls' views concerning food and know that the quality of our catering provision is much appreciated by the girls.  We have worked closely with the boarders (and day girls) to establish exciting meal choices, and have structured the menus so that there is something to suit all girls' tastes, every day, with the emphasis being on fresh, homemade and locally sourced produce.

Themed meals are offered to celebrate cultural festivals such as Chinese New Year and Diwali, and we attempt to accommodate all health-related dietary needs.

Great care has been taken to allow our dishes to be allergen-friendly as new guidelines dictate that we must document a list of 14 specific allergens and make them available on request.  This is in place, and if you or your daughter have any questions on any given day about any allergens that may or may not be in any dish, our team of chefs and front of house staff are always happy to help.


Sample Lunch Menu

Click here to see a sample lunch menu

Sample Supper Menu

Click here to see a sample supper menu

Sample Weekend Menu

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I believe that RMS offers true education to its girls, academic, social and emotional. My daughter has benefitted hugely from what it offers, she has grown into a confident, capable and very respectful young lady Parent

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