Ruth Pilborough-Skinner

In 2014, Ruth Pilborough-Skinner became the Under 18 Full Contact World Champion at the Combined World Kickboxing Championships in Italy.  Of her kickboxing career, Ruth says

“I started kickboxing when I was 5, as I had quickly discovered that ballet wasn’t for me, and my dad was an instructor.  Minus a gap when I broke my leg, I have been kickboxing ever since.  Last year I successfully tried out for the England squad and throughout the year have had the challenging task of balancing training with school work”

Following her world championships success, Ruth continues to train hard but unfortunately kickboxing is not currently an Olympic sport so we won’t be seeing Ruth represent her country in Rio. However, she is part of a group trying to change this so maybe someday Ruth will be competing for the ultimate reward, an Olympic gold medal.  In the meantime, Ruth has completed her A Levels and hopes to go to Leeds University, which is very active in kickboxing competitions.


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