International School Award

The British Council International School Award is an internationally recognised accreditation, awarded to schools who forge links with overseas partners and add an international dimension to the curriculum. Through working on joint projects and adding international elements to lessons, pupils (and teachers) are given a fresh perspective on the world and their place within it. 

The aim is to 

  • link schools around the world

  • teach pupils about other countries and cultures

  • prepare pupils for living and working in the global economy

  • enhance teaching standards through sharing best practice and teaching methods

  • create an outward-facing perspective and ethos for the School as a whole.

In our submission, RMS was congratulated for "the level of commitment and passion that you have dedicated to your international education programme" and our "ability to embed internationalism into (your) curriculum in such an apparently effortless manner (which) clearly demonstrates your understanding of the principles and mechanisms of international learning"

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