Personal Development

The Sixth Form at RMS is not just about learning the syllabus to achieve fantastic A Level results; at RMS we help you to develop a wide range of different skills which will equip you on your onward journey.

Grades on their own will only take you so far; we believe that leadership skills and a sense of responsibility, along with empathy  and emotional intelligence are every bit as important. An enquiring and thoughtful mind complemented by outstanding interpersonal skills will raise your head above the crowd.

Taking on positions of responsibility is an important part of Sixth Form life. Our Sixth Formers hold the roles of Head Girl, Deputy Head Girls, Sports Captains, Subject Ambassadors, Charity Prefects, and Mentors to younger pupils. They lead the Houses to victory on House Day and direct School Council; they represent all that is best about our school. Girls who join us in Year 12 have just as much opportunity to make their mark and assume a key role.

Our Senior Girls are encouraged to act as role models and to play a significant part at the forefront of the School. Developing skills in teamwork and leadership, communication and presentation, problem solving and tolerance are a vital part of preparing the female leaders of the future.

Volunteering Service

Students in Years 12 and 13 who would like to contribute to the School community by supporting others are asked to complete a questionnaire offering them the following opportunities:

  • Supporting with play activities and care in Ruspini House
  • Supporting in lessons in Cadogan House
  • Supporting in PE and/or swimming lessons in Cadogan House
  • Supporting students in the Senior PALS (Pupil Assisted Learning) Department
  • Supporting students with specific subjects in the Senior School
  • Supporting students to improve their organisation

Ideally, volunteers work in this capacity for at least two terms for approximately one hour per week, in their free periods, after school or at lunch times.  The Head of Learning Support matches the Year 12 and 13 girls with those needing support in the Senior School, and the Head of Cadogan House places students according to their preferences within Cadogan House. Similarly, the Head of Ruspini House assists with students within the Pre School.  Any concerns with attendance or level of commitment are reported back to the Internal Volunteering Co-ordinator, Mrs Isherwood.

All Year 12 Health and Social Care students provide support within Cadogan House, as the experience gained is relevant to their course.

Students who are part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme can also assist in School as part of their Service reqiurements.  This is also organised by the Internal Volunterring Co-ordinator.

Leadership Training

We want our girls to leave RMS with the highest academic qualifications they can achieve, along with a range of skills that will set them apart giving them every opportunity to flourish in the ever more competitive graduate employment market.

We offer our Sixth Formers a bespoke leadership and employability course called LEAD (Listen, Enable, Advice, Drive) which, through a variety of talks and activities, prepares girls for the future. Participants hear and meet leaders from a range of fields, including senior female representatives from Deloitte, RBS, GSK and Transport for London.  The course examines leadership styles and develops presentation skills and interview technique.

For members of our Senior Team of Head Girl and Deputy Head Girls, there is a leadership training course led by military personnel where our girls compete against senior boys from a local grammar school.  Our girls always do exceptionally well, frequently out-performing their male counterparts on the initiative challenges and command task.

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