Lucy Newman

I started RMS in September 1995 aged 6. Previously I had not enjoyed school but from the very beginning I was happy at RMS. For 11 years I prospered there, surrounded by supportive staff members and lovely friends, most of whom I still see regularly today.

RMS was more than just a school to me, naturally it was my place of learning but it also formed part of my identity. Ask someone in the street what School Drill is and they will give you a blank look; ask an ex-RMS girl what School Drill is and their face lights up. I will always remember being proud to receive my Ashlar, a little silver badge that you receive in your later school years to celebrate the fact that you are a true RMS girl, a ‘polished cornerstone’ forming a vital part of the school community. It’s these little quirks that make the school so special, not to mention the delicious lunches which sadly at the time I did not fully appreciate.

Years later I look back to my time at school with fond memories and know that the experiences and platform I was given at RMS have helped me to develop into the person I am today.

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