Campaign for Excellence - Faculty of the Performing Arts

The Campaign for Excellence launched in September 2013 to raise funds needed to complete a range of important projects within the School, all of which directly impact on the quality of our teaching provision.

Through the generosity of the RMS community and our alumnae, we have already raised £1.5m enabling us to complete our first major Campaign Project, the 4G astroturf pitch for sports.  The girls and PE staff have been delighted with this superb addition to our facilities. 

The Campaign has now entered its second major phase with the next exciting project being the development of a dedicated Performing Arts Faculty to be housed in the former boarding house, Alex.

Every girl in the School will be able to access and benefit from dedicated drama and dance studios, music rehearsal and percussion rooms, individual practice rooms, a recording studio and a music ICT suite.

Dan Hyde, RMS Director of Performing Arts says:

"The enthusiasm and talent of the pupils are a constant source of joy within the School. Putting all the performing arts into one building will create a thriving and exciting hub which can only lead to further creative brilliance, where each discipline can work together and inspire the others"

So far we have raised around £800,000 towards the Faculty of the Performing Arts.  We need another £180,000 to reach our goal and to open the Faculty to all RMS students in the academic year 2018/19.

To help us cross the finishing line, you can pledge your support to The RMS Campaign for Excellence as follows:

A single donation

Every single donation, large or small, will make a real difference to the current pupils and future generations.

If you would like to discuss paying by covenant please contact the Campaign Office:

The Giving Tree

A beautiful tree now resides in the New Mark Hall, until the new Faculty is completed. The tree will then move to its permanent home in the lobby of the Faculty building, allowing your generosity to be recognised.

• Bronze Leaf – donation of £200

• Silver Leaf – donation of £500

• Gold Leaf – donation of £750

• Musical Note – donation of £1500

• Rock – in recognition of significant donations (please contact the Campaign Office)





How to donate

To make a donation please complete the following form:


Fill out my online form.

Naming Opportunities

There are still naming opportunities available within the Faculty, starting at £20,000 for a music practise room. Please contact the Campaign Office if you would like to discuss naming rights.

Four generous benefactors have already sponsored performance spaces.  One is for a recording studio and editing suite. He writes:

"Performing Arts at RMS produce superb results but they are scattered around the School site.  Helping to fund a dedicated Faculty will further enhance this exceptional school, and especially the talented musicians, actresses, presenters and film-makers of the future"

A second major benefactor has sponsored a percussion and orchestra practice studio and writes:

"My daughters are still young but adore music and drama so I am delighted to have been able to support this exciting campaign.  I would love others to join me, in any way they can, so that all pupils can develop their talents in what will be a vibrant and thriving centre for the Performing Arts."


Campaign Projects

Performing Arts Faculty and Studio Theatre

The Performing Arts is another area in which the School is extremely strong but which also lacks dedicated teaching and performing space.  Alexandra House, ideally located adjacent to The Space, is large enough to accommodate all our Music, Drama and Dance teaching.  As well as the appropriate classrooms and storerooms, it will have dedicated dance and drama studios, a music rehearsal and percussion room, thirteen individual practice rooms and, on the second floor, a recording studio and Music ICT suite.  Collectively this will amount to a very significant improvement in our provision for the Performing Arts, in terms of both size and standard.  At the same time, we want to convert The Space into a fully equipped Studio Theatre, with comfortable seating for up to 150, modern lighting and sound systems, flexible acoustics capable of accommodating both music and drama, backstage and scenery storage area, and cloakrooms.

Estimated cost  for Perfoming Arts Faculty: £700,000
Estimated cost for Studio Theatre: £800,000

Creative Arts Faculty and Design Technology Centre

The Creative Arts such as Art, Textiles and Photography are in great demand.  We want to construct a dedicated Creative Arts faculty in the main School building (on the West side of the West Quad) which currently houses art rooms, home economics and design technology class rooms.  The new faculty will accommodate three art classrooms, two textile rooms, a printing room, kiln and separate Sixth Form provision for art and textiles.

Design Technology is also very popular at the School and becoming more so as growing numbers of girls see the career opportunities in design and engineering.  Our current provision is simply not adequate to meet present, let alone future, needs, being too small and dispersed around the School. A suitable site has now been identified for a new Design and Technology Centre.  This will be created from the conversion of the existing garage, former school shop and laundry, and the office currently occupied by the Facilities Manager.  It will comprise three workshops, four classrooms and ample storage.

Estimated cost for both facilities: £1,500,000

Food and Nutrition

Thankfully, the days when "domestic science" was on the curriculum and focussed on preparing girls for domestic life are long gone! In Food and Nutrition today, which we teach to all girls in Years 7 to 9 and to GCSE level, the emphasis is on healthy eating.  Girls learn how to prepare and cook healthy food and to enjoy developing these skills.  We also prepare Sixth Form girls for independent living at university, by providing courses such as University Masterchef, in conjunction with local boys' schools. Our Food and Nutrition facilities are in need of upgrading and the Department is to be relocated to purpose-built accommodation on an ideal site behind the main kitchens and adjacent to the Dining Room.

Estimated cost: £400,000


At The Royal Masonic School for Girls, we cater effectively for very different children: from girls who thrive on academic study to those who love sport; from confident dancers and actresses to gifted painters and designers.  It is essential that the same diversity is reflected in the social, economic and ethnic backgrounds of our girls.  This benefits all pupils by exposing them to the opinions and experiences of others, and is vital in preparing for adulthood young people who understand and appreciate diversity and difference, and whose horizons and perspectives are equally broad.

At a time when many able girls are excluded from attending The Royal Masonic School for Girls because of the cost, we want to increase our provision for means-tested bursaries to give an additional 40 girls the opportunity of a place at the School. Funding bursaries from fees would mean increasing fees still further, thus taking them out of reach of many parents, and thereby limiting rather than enhancing access and diversity. We have, therefore, decided to create and Endowment Fund for bursaries.  We recognise that this will be a long-term process in order to create a fund substantial enough to meet all the likely demand to means-tested assistance, but if we could raise an initial sum of at least £500,000 to put towards bursaries whilst the Fund was accumulating, this would make a promising and meaningful start.

Support the Campaign

There are several ways that you can support RMS and the Campaign for Excellence.  A single donation with Gift Aid will take us a step nearer our goal. A covenant over five or seven years will spread the load and allow us to progress our plans ever sooner.  For those who would like a lasting legacy within the School, there are naming opportunities for significant gifts.


The cost of the capital projects to be funded from the campaign and outlined in this section totals about £4million. The School, in addition to the very substantial sums it has already committed to the Development Plan, intends to provide further significant support.  However, we need to raise at least £2.75million if we are to be able to fund all the campaign projects.  It is an ambitious target, even for a school such as The Royal Masonic School for Girls, but we firmly believe that it is attainable, with the generous and enthusiastic support of all our friends. The table below shows the levels of giving we need to achieve our target, and illustrates the advantages of covenanting.  Please study if before deciding the level at which you are able to contribute.

Number of Gifts Needed (£s)Regular payment by 7 Year covenant (£s)Regular payment by 4 Year covenant (£s)Actual Cost to 45% taxpayer (£s)Actual Cost to 40%
Taxpayer (£s)
Annual Cost to company over 4 years (£s)Single Payment by Gift Aid (£s)Total Gross Value (£s)
Major Gifts
1 x 500,00057,143 annually100,000 annually275,000300,00096,250400,000500,000
1 x 250,00028,571 annually50,000 annually137,500150,00048,125200,000250,000
3 x 100,00011,429 annually20,000 annually55,00060,00019,25080,000300,000
5 x 50,0005,714 annually10,000 annually27,50030,0009,62540,000250,000
Standard Gifts
8 x 20,000190 annually333 monthly11,00012,0003,85016,000160,000
20 x 10,500100 monthly175 monthly5,7756,3002,0218,400210,000
50 x 5,25050 monthly87.50 monthly2,8883,1501,0114,200262,500
75 x 3,15030 monthly52.50 monthly1,7331,8906062,520236,250
175 x 2,10020 monthly35 monthly1,1551,2604041,680367,500
150 x 1,05010 monthly17.50 monthly578630202840157,500
Other gifts and convenants totally56,250
Total needed2,750,000


The Campaign offers a number of opportunities for donors to associate their names with particular aspects our our Plan, including the Sixth Form Centre.  Some indicative examples are listed below:

Campaign Projects

Studio Theatre£500,000
Design Technology Centre£500,000
All Weather Pitch£350,000
Floodlighting for All Weather Pitch£100,000
Endowed 25% Bursary£120,000
Dance or Drama Studio£75,000
Art/Textile Classroom£50,000

Completed Projects

Sixth Form Lecutre Theatre£250,000
Sixth Form Common Room£100,000


As a charity (Registerd Charity Number 276784), The Royal Masonic School for Girls can reclaim tax on all donations that taxpayers make by covenant or Gift Aid, increasing the value of the gift to the School and decreasing the cost to the donor.  The best ways of giving are generally:

  • by spreading payments using a deed of convenant
  • one or more lump sum gifts
  • through a company
  • through a tax-exempt charitable trust
  • by direct transfer or assets, such as stocks, shares, property and works of art.


Covenants remain the most effective way for the majority of people to give their support because they enable RMS to predict future income with a high degree of certainty, whilst enabling siginificant sums to be given by way of relatively modest monthly or annual contributions.  A covenant enables you to spread the cost of your gift over a number of years and RMS to reclaim the income tax you have already paid.  With the basic rate of income tax at 20%, for every £100 you donate by covenant we will receive an extra £25 at no extra cost to you.  Higher rate tax payers can also claim the relief outlined below. There is no minimum period for a covenant.


For those able to make a significan lump sum payment, or unable to covenant, giving by Gift Aid is the tax efficient way of contributing one of more lump sum gifts.  The tax advantages are the same as for Gift Aid covenants.  This will increase the value of your gift by a quarter at no extra cost to you because, as with covenants, this method also allows income tax to be reclaimed by the School.


If you are a higher rate taxpayer, you can claim higher rate relief.  This relief is calculated at the difference between the basic rate and the higher rate of income tax on the gross value of the gift and significantly reduces the cost to the donor.  For example, a payment of £50,000 by Gift Aid will be worth £62,500 to the Campaign and after tax recovery will cost a 45% higher rate taxpayer only £34,375.


The procedure for company donations has now been greatly simplified.  Companies can claim corporation tax relief on all donations to charities, including covenanted donations.  For a company paying corporation tax at 23%, the actual annual cost of a gift of £50,000 to the Campaign spread over four years would only be £9,625.


Gifts of publicly quoted shares, in addition to being exempt from capital gains liability, will enable the donor to claim income tax relief on the current value of the shares, which makes such gifts extremely tax efficient.


Any gift is of course most welcome.  Direct transfer of stocks, shares, property and works of art will not incur liability to capital gains tax.  All outright gifts, including bequests, are exempt from inheritance tax.  Contributions by CAF voucher are welcome. Please contact the Campaign Office for further details.


Download our Four Year Covenant Form Here

Download our Seven Year Covenant Form Here

Download our Gift Aid Declaration Form Here

Please make cheques payable to "RMS CAMPAIGN" and send to:

The Campaign Administrator,
The Royal Masonic School for Girls,
Rickmansworth Park,
Hertfordshire WD3 4HF


The Campaign for Excellence has been very well planned and delivered, and it's great to see such a positive response from the School community Parent

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