Enrichment and Extension

  • 100% A*/A/B grade for Sixth Form EPQs in 2014

All departments work to ensure that the most able girls are stretched and challenged both within and beyond the curriculum.

Extension and enrichment opportunities allow gifted and talented girls to fulfil their potential in all areas, both within the classroom and beyond. Girls are encouraged to enter national competitions and to display their exceptional talents, ranging from playwriting to engineering.

Public examination programmes are tailored to offer greater flexibility to the most able, for example, in the Sixth Form suitable girls may pursue the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) - see here for more information.

A School Critical Thinking course is available to members of the Lower Sixth and, by request, to Upper Sixth pupils for revision purpose. It runs from Michaelmas Term to the end of Hilary and, inter alia, deals with the following areas:

  • Kinds of argument - inductive, deductive, moral etc - outlines of each and their characteristics
  • The structure of arguments including premises, conclusions, underlying assumptions
  • Bad arguments and how to avoid them!
  • CATT test for the soundness of arguments
  • Evidence and its limitations, including appraisal of sources
  • Practice questions analysing arguments, including longer discursive pieces and mutiple-choice examples based on short paras
  • Critical thinking as applied to Law, Politics and Philosophy
  • The limits of Critical Thinking

The overall purposes of the course are

  • for general interest
  • to assist with all and any subject including an element of discursive reasoning
  • to give initial practice (which may be taken up again in Year 13) with the Critical Reasoning tests that occur in TSA, LNAT etc.

In addition to full assistance for every university applicant, special support is provided for all students wishing to apply to Oxford and Cambridge.

Other Enrichment and Extension opportunities on offer can be found below

Model United Nations

The purpose of Model United Nations is to replicate the workings of the real United Nations.

Delegates are assigned to a country and a committee, and are required to play the roles of diplomats. They first have to research the issues from the perspective of both the UN and the country they represent, and then have to prepare a stance on these issues which accurately and realistically reflects their country's views. At the conference itself, they have to lobby for support with the delegates of other countries and then debate the issues according to their country's standpoint.

Debates are conducted according to rules of parliamentary procedure, and are controlled by student officers. Delegates have to operate on a range of levels; they have to research topics, they have to develop the social skills of an effective lobbyist, and they have to present their ideas in a demanding debating forum.

The Model United Nations programme gives pupil increased confidence and develops abilities which they had never dreamt they possessed. It is also a fantastic opportunity to meet students from different countries and cultures

Young Enterprise Scheme

Young Enterprise is a wonderful opportunity for our girls to put their many skills into action, both academic and those surrounding their astute awareness of the world around them and the emotional intelligence that is needed to flourish in the world.

Young Enterprise is offered to all girls in Year 12 regardless of the subjects that they study.  It is a fantastic experience where they take part in a real life business from set up to liquidation.  They are responsible for raising their own start-up funds and sourcing and manufacturing a product or service.   There are a number of opportunities to sell to the general public.  In addition, there is a competitive element in that the girls take part in county competitions with other schools. RMS has been very successful in recent years, winning a number of regional awards.

The school is a great choice for girls whose parents want them to grow up comfortably with a well-rounded personality and a possibility to try subjects and activities of all kinds to see what suits them best. Parent

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