Progress and Reporting

  • 80.6% of A-Level grades were A* - B in 2014

We want you to be a highly successful student and so will take care to monitor your progress regularly during your time in the Sixth Form.  We use the following methods to ensure that you keep on track:

ALIS – The Advanced Level Information System

The Alis Assessment is given to pupils in Year 12 and provides a Value-Added monitoring system for post-16 students. Value-Added measures the amount of progress that has been made by pupils over a certain period of time. It provides a comparison between the progress made by the pupils at RMS with the very large sample of other pupils taking the assessment in other schools. In order to make these comparisons, all pupils need to be measured against a common baseline, which represents their ability before starting their post-16 courses.

The main baseline for ALIS is the average GCSE score, which is the best indicator of post-16 performance. ALIS also provides a second baseline, a Test of Developed Abilities (TDA). This gives additional information for all students. These baselines provide the information from which the progress of pupils through AS and A Level can be monitored and displayed on reports

At Home Meeting

The At Home is a vital opportunity for you and your parents/guardians to discuss your progress and targets to improve your performance. Please take careful note of the date when you receive your copy of the Calendar and ensure that your parents/guardians have done so too. You should expect to attend with them unless there are exceptional circumstances why you cannot do so.

Lower Sixth Thursday 1st December 2016 at 4.15pm

Upper Sixth Thursday 30th March 2016 at 3.00pm

Internal Monitoring and Reporting

We will monitor your progress on a regular basis throughout the year. Written reports give detailed staff comment on academic progress, achievement and highlight areas for improvement. You will also be encouraged to review your own progress and set yourselves realistic targets. You will receive one full report a year and regular interim reports which record effort and achievement. Areas of concern in any subject are noted and agreed targets are set in consultation between you and your subject tutor.


If a student is identified in having difficulties across subjects, then they will be put on the mentoring scheme. The student will be provided with a mentor who will meet with her each week to help identify where the difficulties lie and help the her to overcome these in order to maximise her potential.


Each week there are regular PALS drop in sessions where students can go to access help from a member of staff on an ad hoc basis. The support is wide ranging from helping to structure essays to helping with organisational skills.


I think the school is excellent in terms of the atmosphere, school community, range of subjects, enthusiastic teachers and strong leadership. I am proud that my children attend RMS because it is distinctive and has a real sense of what it stands for Parent

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