UK and Overseas Trips

At RMS we believe that carefully selected school trips can provide a valuable dimension to the the education of our pupils.  Trips should be character building, relevant, informative, fulfilling and fun!

Your daughter will have the opportunity to develop her independence, experience different cultures, appreciate the world around her and develop an empathy for different nationalities.  She will find that her learning both in the classroom and during extra-curricular activities will come alive whether it be geography, history, religious studies, music, performing arts or charity and fundraising.

During 2015, our girls could be found on the Battlefields in France, learning history in Berlin, speaking French in Lille, and studying textiles, enjoying water sports and speaking Spanish in Barcelona. Our girls travelled to seven different European countries over the last two years as part of the Comenius Project, and to Ghana to see for themselves how their fundraising was being used to educate six girls in Atorkor, (see Our Global Dimension in About Us).  In the coming months they will have the opportunity to ski in the USA and to live and breathe the history of Vietnam. Oh, and our geographers have just returned from studying forest ecosystems in Mexico!  We look are looking forward to hearing all about their trip!

But our trips are not all overseas - there are regular excursions to experience the Arts, and our proximity to London allows our pupils to enjoy some of the best exhibitions, concerts and plays each year.  In Year 7, your daughter will have the bonding experience of a residential course at Woodrow House near High Wycombe, where she will enjoy archery, catapult making and plenty of outside physical challenges.  The girls return having established new friendships and with a genuine understanding of the importance and benefits of team work and team building. 

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