Duke of Edinburgh Award

Available for years 10, 11, 12 and 13 only, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme is a very prestigious activity and participation is highly regarded by universities (and later, employers).

Girls' individual achievements with D of E are very dependant on how much they put in, because it involves new and challenging activities. The expedition section will test their physical, mental and inter-personal skills. It can be great fun, and if girls are not “sporty” but are looking for a challenge then perhaps this is the activity for them.

The award consists of three levels:

  • Bronze: Year 10 and above
  • Silver: Year 11 and above
  • Gold: Year 12 and above

At each level there are four sections:

  1. Service: to encourage service to individuals and the local community.
  2. Skills: covering almost any hobby skill or interest.
  3. Physical Recreation: sport, dance and fitness.
  4. Expedition: training for planning and completing a journey on foot.
  5. Residential Project (Gold Award only): a purposeful week long enterprise with people not previously known to the participant.

Participants are encouraged to work at their own pace but it should be noted that the minimum periods of participation are:

  • Bronze: up to 6 months of one hour per activity per week.
  • Silver: between 6-12 months of one hour per activity per week.
  • Gold: between 12-18 months of one hour per activity per week.

The scheme is time-consuming and girls must be aware that apart from general advice and guidance, the Sport, Service and Skill section must be completed entirely independently of parents and RMS staff. The girls must therefore weigh up all their commitments before enrolling on the Award so that they don’t take on too much.

Please note: It is not always possible to arrange activities, expeditions, rehearsals and performances outside the public examination schedule, which now dominates several weeks in each term. Students must exercise judgement and seek advice from parents/guardians and staff to ensure that they build a well-rounded personal programme of study and extra-curricular involvement.

Our expeditions are run by an outward bound company called A to Z. More information is available on their website

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