When girls join RMS they are put into one of four houses, a system that further promotes community spirit between year groups and fosters competition in the spirit of fun!

RMS houses and house colours are: Atholl-Sussex (Orange), Moira (Green),  Cumberland (Purple)
Scarbrough (Turquoise).

These houses are designed for competitive but fun events that happen throughout the academic year; for example Inter-House Sport, Art & DT, Music, Dance or Drama.   After each event the winning team receives House Points that are accumulated over the course of the year.   Girls may also gain points for their house through the School's Alpha (merit) system, where points are given for excellence in their academic work, or a Value Alpha for service to others.  

Boarders’ welfare is the responsibility of the Housemistress and her team and is described more fully on the boarding page.  

Very close liaison between Tutors, Heads of Year and Housemistresses ensures that the staff share a full picture and work together for the benefit of each girl.

An excellent school, it feels like one big family Parent

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