Enrichment and Extension

All departments work to ensure that the most able girls are stretched and challenged both within and beyond the curriculum. All teachers implement sophisticated techniques of differentiation to ensure that the needs of all girls are met. Setting across the core subjects facilitates this and we are constantly striving to add value to the achievement of all our girls.

Extension and enrichment opportunities allow able and interested girls to fulfil their potential in all areas, both within the classroom and beyond.Girls are encouraged to enter national competitions and to display their exceptional talents, ranging from playwriting to engineering. Public examination programmes are tailored to offer greater flexibility to the most able, for example, in the Sixth Form suitable girls may pursue the Extended Project Qualification. which is increasingly popular and we have a very high percentage of girls achieving A*/A grades.

Able girls in Years 7-9 are also encouraged to complete mini-EPQs on a subject of their choice. Projects include those on designing and making their own wind-turbines, creating pieces of FanFiction and works on Greek Mythology.

We also run an extra curricular club called Reach for the Stars which offers students the opportunity to come and discuss their many and varied interests, and, if they choose, undertake project work.

Able girls are encouraged to join the National Association for Gifted and Talented Youth. Discussion forums, debating and themed study days all promote independent thought and challenge.


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