Progress and Reporting

The two regular methods of communication between teachers and parents are the “At Homes” (parents’ meeting with subject teachers) and reports.  

Girls receive one full report a year and two interim reports which record effort and achievement.  Pupils’ progress is monitored continually throughout the year, and written reports give detailed staff feedback on academic progress, as well as highlighting areas for improvement.  Areas of concern are noted, and agreed targets are set with the pupil.  Girls are encouraged to take ownership of their own learning, and review their own progress, setting themselves realistic targets.  If concerns are expressed in several areas then the pupil will meet with the Head of Year in order to discuss the way forward.  In some circumstances the Head of Year will contact the parents, and girls who are not achieving to their full potential may be put on the mentoring programme.

The “At Home” is an important occasion and it is vital that parents make every effort to attend.   This is the opportunity for you to meet with your daughter’s/ward’s subject teachers and discuss progress.  There is also the chance to meet Form Tutors, the Head, Director of Studies, Senior Teachers, and Heads of Year.  Dates for these meetings are published well in advance, and to facilitate the process, RMS has introduced an internet-based booking system called Parent-Teacher On Line (PTO) to enable parents to book appointments with teachers at times that suit them best.

End of unit/topic tests are set throughout the year and formal examinations are taken in the second half of the Trinity term, which test the girls’ knowledge and understanding of the work they have covered that year.  Girls are offered guidance and assistance with revision techniques by their Form Tutors and subject leaders.  Formal examinations are invaluable in preparing girls for public examinations later in their time at school, as they learn to cope with examination technique and conditions, and working under time pressures.


I think the school is excellent in terms of the atmosphere, school community, range of subjects, enthusiastic teachers and strong leadership. I am proud that my children attend RMS because it is distinctive and has a real sense of what it stands for Parent

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