Digital Learning

IT provision within the School is outstanding and we have impressive suites of rooms which give all pupils easy access to Information Technology.  

IT is integrated into the curriculum and all girls learn keyboard skills, and have their own password-protected directory to store their work and to access they own personal email account from School or home.  There are over 400 computers and the use of projectors and interactive whiteboards is standard in lessons.  We constantly strive to upgrade our facilities to ensure we remain at the cutting edge in integrating IT efficiently into the girls’ learning.

We have been working for over three years to develop and further incorporate technology into our teaching and learning; this includes carefully assessing the educational value of introducing one to one technology to aid content delivery, research, analysis and creative expression.  We have invested heavily in our infrastructure and now have a comprehensive IT system and a more robust, school-wide wireless network to make this achievable.  

We have learned from research and the experiences of other schools who have introduced programmes whereby pupils are required to bring a portable computing device to school. We undertook a very successful trial in 2014-2015 in Years 6 and 8 and in September 2015 we are introducing our own Digital Learning programme.  Girls from Years 6 to 10 are now required to bring an iPad to school.

We believe that the introduction of iPads into classrooms (to augment and NOT replace our traditional learning methods) will enhance your daughter's educational experience and will best provide her with the skills and attributes most suited to achieving success in a technology-rich future.

To learn more, read our Digital Learning at RMS handbook here

I am impressed by the dedication and support from teachers, helping my daughter meet her achievements in areas she enjoys most. Parent

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