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At RMS we employ  a range of strategies to help the girls achieve their very best – all girls are assessed and monitored on a regular basis so that girls both fulfil and exceed their potential. We know that girls achieve highly when they feel good about themselves and our approach is based on encouragement and positive reinforcement, with detailed and constructive feedback fostering future achievement.

With ‘My Learning’, we have taken this a step further so that the girls become effective learners through developing good learning habits. We recognise that passive learning of subject content is sterile. At RMS, the girls learn how to learn, so that they can face the future with “greater confidence and capability in the face of real world uncertainty”. This includes the promotion of a “can do” approach to taking risks and persevering even in the most difficult tasks.

Thinking Skills are introduced in Year 7, together with a range of learning and revision strategies such as mind maps. In addition, every four weeks, all Year 7 have a lesson in the Resource Centre for learning information, literacy skills and use of the library. Most importantly they are equipped with the skills and verbal tools to enable them to think about themselves as learners and the 4Rs (Resourcefulness, Resilience, Reflectiveness and Reciprocity) are integrated and encouraged throughout school life.

At RMS, lifelong learning is not only for the girls, but also for the staff.  The most recent inspection described the quality of teaching as 'excellent, and ... highly effective in promoting pupils' progress'. Nevertheless, we believe that improvement is always possible and teaching staff are given opportunities to refresh and develop their practice.  Professional development is provided through an ongoing programme of workshops and internal training, while our association with the Herts & Bucks Teaching Schools Alliance enables staff to access the latest thinking in education and pedagogics and to apply this in their teaching.  Projects that staff are undertaking include tracking the resilience of girls as they move from Key Stage 2 into Key Stage 3.  We have a whole-school focus at present on formative assessment, the most effective means of ensuring progress in learning.  One teacher is working with Year 9 teachers on enhancing girls' learning through GRIT – Guided Reflection Improvement Time, providing regular time in lessons for girls to act on feedback given to them in marked work.  A Teacher Learning Community, consisting of experienced staff and subject heads, meet regularly to reflect on and further develop their own practice of formative assessment.

I could not be happier with my daughter's progress at RMS. She is happy and settled and is growing in confidence in a way I would never have expected Parent

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