Extra Curricular Clubs and Activities

There is a wide range of clubs and activities that are organised and run by Cadogan House Staff.  These are advertised at the beginning of each term.  Girls have the opportunity for taster sessions during the first full week of term after which they sign up to join the activity for the remainder of the term.-

Musical Instrument Tuition

Musical instrument tuition is available from Year 3 upwards, and lessons are either individual or group based depending on the instrument.  The lessons are taught on a rotation timetable system to ensure that your daughter will not be absent from her class for the same slot all year .  Girls are encouraged to use their talents to the full and to participate in bands, orchestras and choirs.  We have a friendly and experienced team of visiting teachers who contribute to concerts and are fully involved in school life.  We have an extensive programme of concerts where girls of all abilities may perform.

We can offer lessons in: Bassoon ∙ Cello ∙ Clarinet ∙ Cornet ∙ Drum Kit ∙ Flute ∙ French Horn ∙ Guitar ∙ Harp ∙ Oboe ∙ Piano Recorder ∙ Saxophone ∙ Singing ∙ Steel Pans (Taught in groups – Years 5 and 6 only) Theory (Taught in groups) ∙ Trombone ∙ Trumpet ∙ Tuba ∙ Violin

Speech and Drama Tuition

Group speech lessons leading to graded examinations are available from Year 3 upwards.

Speech and Drama lessons consist of exercises to foster self-confidence and activities to build vocal and communication skills.  Girls learn how to work as teams, exploring a wide variety of themes to stretch their creative imagination.

Your daughter may choose to enter external examinations (English Speaking Board examinations in Speech and Drama or LAMDA examinations in Performance) or for a performance in the Watford Festival which is in March each year.

Lessons are available either at 8.00am or on a rota during the school day.  Most rota lessons are held at times which cause minimum disruption to lessons.  There are usually between four and eight girls in a group.  Extra coaching is given, where necessary, during lunch breaks in the period leading up to festivals and examinations.

The School has been the making of our daughter Year 13 Parent

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