House System

The House system plays an important role in school life, and inter-house activities are important events in the School calendar.   All Cadogan House girls and most staff are assigned to one of four houses (EMERALD, RUBY, SAPPHIRE, and TOPAZ) on a random basis.   Siblings are allocated to the same house.

House points are given for taking part in extra activities and competitions, being particularly kind, helpful and courteous, and being aware of our environment, for example, picking up litter without being asked.  They may also be given as a reward for good organisation for example, well-kept planners or a tidy desk on a ‘spot check’ inspection.  House Points are collected each week by the House Captains who keep a running total to determine the winning team each week, term and year.

House Day takes place during the year and everyone is encouraged to take part in a variety of competitions.  Details giving the dates and explanations of the competition will be sent home in good time.

There are inter-house netball, hockey and rounders matches at the end of the Hilary and Trinity Terms for the Year 6 girls.

The cross-country competition for all girls takes place during the Hilary term.  The annual swimming galas and sports days are House Point based.

The annual Great Egg Drop is an inter-house competition.


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