During your daughter’s Prep School years we provide a curriculum that is balanced and broadly based offering girls the widest spectrum of learning experiences preparing them for the opportunities and responsibilities of life in the wider world beyond school and university.


The main strands of the English curriculum are speaking and listening, reading, and writing. At RMS we attach high priority to giving girls an excellent command of the English language and the ability to use it appropriately and concisely. We endeavour to develop the girls’ language as they learn to listen attentively, speak clearly and fluently, read with understanding, and write for different purposes in a fluent and legible manner with accurate spelling and punctuation.

In the Pre-Preparatory Department, the girls are introduced to a structured, lively and interactive Phonics programme to establish their skills of reading and writing. We use a wide range of multi-sensory resources and girls are well supported by their Form Teachers, Teaching Assistants and Learning Support Staff.

AS they move through the Preparatory Department, girls continue to explore all aspects of English combining the more traditional elements of grammar, comprehension and spelling with reading, composing, speaking and listening in debates, research and presentations.

We welcome authors, poets and drama groups, and make visits out of school to venues such as the Roald Dahl Museum and the Globe Theatre, to enable girls to appreciate the diversity of the English Language. There are also many other events and opportunities for the girls to entertain and share their linguistic experience, knowledge and expertise. They take part in assemblies, inter-school drama and writing competitions, school productions, enrichment activities and the annual Cadogan House House Day, where girls produce, perform and even write their own plays. Cadogan House also hosts an annual Poetry Festival for local schools.


Our aim in Maths is to promote enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning through practical activity, exploration and discussion. We endeavour to make Maths fun and relevant to the girls, whilst remembering it is a tool for life. It is important that, for the youngest children, firm foundations are established so that pupils can build on these as they progress through the school.

From Years 1 to 4, Maths is taught by Form Teachers with some small group work carried out by support teachers. In Years 5 and 6, girls are placed in sets according to ability and potential.


Science at RMS is an interactive subject where the girlsa re encouraged to have fun and to explore and extend their natural curiosity. When girls join Reception, they explore their immediate environment using the school grounds to good effect. In Pre-Prep, the focus is on learning about the environment and materials, and girls spend much of their time outside exploring the natural world. By the time they leave Cadogan House, girls will be able to devise and conduct experiments themselves, choosing their own methods of measuring, recording and evaluating outcomes. The annual River Day for Pre Prep is a highlight of the year, and girls in Year 4 and 5 have residential field trips that combine the studies of a range of different wildlife and their habitats with wider environmental issues and problems using cross-curricular links with Geography and PSHCE.


Art is taught throughout Cadogan House, and we aim to develop girls’ understanding of the world around them. In Pre Prep, Art is taught by Form Teachers, and Year 3 to 6 are taught in a purpose built studio by specialist teachers. Famous artists are investigated and girls visit art galleries to inspire their work further. Girls work together to produce wonderful display boards which take a particular theme each term.

Design and Technology

Girls are given the opportunity to plan, design, make and evaluate different projects, and a variety of skills are covered. Strong emphasis is placed on presentation, and the girls are proud of the finished results. In lower years, girls are taught by their form teacher, but in Years 5 and 6 they visit the Senior School and are taught by specialist Technology teachers in their areas of Food, Structures, Materials and Textiles.

Years 4 and 6 each have a few weeks of cookery lessons which they enjoy enormously. In addition to practical cookery the girls complete brief theory tasks about healthy eating and nutrition. In Year 4 the theme is 5-a-day and the girls cook dishes that include fruit and vegetables.

In Year 6 the girls develop their knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating and cook a wide range of dishes that require a number of different skills such as rubbing-in, creaming and dough making.


On entering Reception, all girls are given an email address. Girls are taught to communicate appropriately, respecting individuals so that they use technology responsibly, securely and safely. We attach great importance to E-safety and girls of all ages are introduced to skills to keep them safe whilst using the internet, but also allowing them to have fun. We hold sessions for parents so they are regularly updated on Internet Safety too.

Basic typing skills are introduced for all ages, and girls learn to design and write programs that accomplish specific goals. They will learn to organise, store, manipulate and retrieve data in a range of digital formats, and will be instructed in appropriate use of search engines. Greater emphasis is now placed on coding, and girls will learn to use a variety of programs such as Scratch and Kodu.

Girls learn to devise presentations to enhance their project work and to create works of art using a range of paint and draw packages. They will learn to use and produce spreadsheets and charts to collect, analyse, evaluate and present data and information.

Modern Foreign Languages

Our aim is for girls in Cadogan House to enjoy the experience of communicating in another modern foreign language and to appreciate some of the similarities and differences between other European countries and their own country and culture.

In Reception, Years 1 and 2, girls are introduced to Spanish, learning words and phrases through songs, rhymes, games and other practical activities. In Years 3 to 6, girls learn French. Alongside the development of their understanding through listening and reading activities, girls also engage in role play exercises, as well as having two opportunities to practise their spoken French in France! At the beginning of Year 5 there is a day trip to Boulogne, and in Year 6 a week long field trip in Normandy, where the girls visit Paris, Rouen, and local attractions.


Geography is taught both in the Pre Prep and Prep departments, and in both we aim to make learning both interesting and exciting. Girls investigate a variety of locations, close to home and further away. Trips include Rickmansworth, Windsor, The Living Rainforest, the Isle of Wight and France.

History, from Year 1 to Year 6 is exciting, colourful and full of amazing facts, figures and events. We aim from the very beginning to make History a subject that inspires and excites. In year 1, girls learning about Famous People, including Florence Nightingale; Year 2 learn about Native Americans. In Years 3 to 6 History is covered chronologically, beginning in Year 3 with Celts, Romans, Saxons and Vikings. Year 4 study Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece, whilst Year 5 revel in finding out all the goriest and most gruesome facts about the Tudors and Aztecs! Year 6 brings girls more up to date with study of the Victorians, World War Two, and Post War Britain from the 1950s – 1970s.

There are numerous outings to accompany the History syllabus, including Roman Verulamium, The Celtic Harmony Camp, British Museum and the Florence Nightingale Museum.

Religious Education

RE is an important subject and makes a unique contribution to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils. Girls in Reception are introduced to religious themes through stories from a variety of cultures, In Pre Prep and Prep girls study a range of themes, and all years get a chance to explore the School Chapel.

Physical Education and Sport

PE is held in high esteem at RMS and Cadogan House girls have four single PE lessons a week from Reception to Year 3. Sports covered include gymnastics, swimming and games geared towards the development of core skills (throwing, catching, spatial awareness etc)

In Years 4,5 and 6 they have a double lesson and two singles. Sports covered include gymnastics, swimming, netball, hockey, football, tennis, cricket, athletics and rounders.

Lessons are taught by specialist PE staff.  

Performing Arts - Music

Studying and playing music are important components of a balanced school curriculum. Each form has two music lessons per week, one with Mr Brammeld (Assistant Director of Music, and Composer in Residence), and a singing lesson with Mrs Whitbread (Director of Music). In addition, there is a broad range of musical extra curricular activities, including the Cadogan House orchestra, Chamber Choir, Rock Bands, and Music Technology Club (Year 6).

Performing Arts - Drama

A large scale production usually takes place each year and classes perform to an audience in Assembly as well as in other group and Nativity plays. Year 6 end their time in Cadogan House with a drama performance.

Girls enjoy a broadly based dance education following the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, which consists of classical, free movement and character dancing. There are after school extension classes for more talented and committed girls.

Life Skills (formerly PSHCE)

Life Skills, (which was formally known as PSHCE - Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education) is an integral part of the everyday life of our community at RMS. One class lesson per week is timetabled specifically for coverage of the PSHCE curriculum. Topics covered enable girls to:

  • develop confidence and responsibility and make the most of their abilities
  • develop good relationships and respect the differences between people
  • develop a healthy, safe lifestyle
  • learn to play an active role as citizens
  • understand change in relationships and physical changes as they grow older
  • think about financial needs in order to plan and budget and so learn to take responsibility for financial decisions.

Visitors are invited to talk to pupils at school, and trips are organised out of school to reinforce and put into practice what is learnt in the classroom.

We strongly believe that in order to help the girls to develop into independent, empathetic and responsible adults, we need to be working closely with parents and guardians. Regular sessions are organised to discuss a range of topics such as Friendships, Internet Safety and Bereavement

Amazing curriculum, excellent academic and support staff, serene environment and highly recommended to parents seeking a good school for their daughters Parent

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