Entry at 11+

Most new girls join the Senior School at the age of eleven, but girls also join us at 12+, 13+ and 14+ if spaces are available.

Candidates for entry at 11+ spend a full day at RMS during which they take an online test, devised by the University of Durham, to assess their skills in English, Mathematics and Reasoning. This test was devised to assess academic potential and to promote equality of opportunity between children from maintained and independent schools. 

The entrance test enables us to gauge accurately the girls’ true potential rather than how well they have been prepared or tutored for entrance examinations. Girls also do a piece of creative writing, take part in a small group discussion with the Head and participate in a subject–based activity, which enable them to get to know staff and acquire a feel for the School.

The purpose of these activities is 

  1. to make the day a positive, interactive experience.
  2. to put candidates at ease.
  3. to enable girls to display their strengths at interview.
  4. to ascertain individual interests.
  5. to observe girls in group activities.
  6. to observe behaviour.

At 11+ entrance, all candidates are considered as potential academic scholarship holders. Girls are invited to return for scholarship testing on the basis of their performance in the entrance tests.

Firm offers are made on the basis of test results, a satisfactory Headteacher's reference and feedback from staff involved in the assessment day.

Candidates for entry to Years 8,9 or 10 will sit tests in English and Maths in addition to the University of Durham online test.

A copy of our Senior School Handbook (Years 7 to 11) can be viewed here.

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