Our Community

When you and your daughter join RMS, you are welcomed into a supportive and inclusive community.

During her time with us, your daughter will enjoy the friendship and companionship of her form and year group, and through the house system she will benefit from the guidance and experience of older girls.  As she nears the top of the School, she in turn will mentor and help the younger girls during their early years at RMS.

As parents, FORMS, (Friends of Royal Masonic School, our parents' association),  will be there to help you integrate into the School.  They will happily offer guidance and help while you find your feet, and through their tireless organisation of events both for the family or just parents, you will quickly make new friends and feel that you belong to the RMS community.

When your daughter finally leaves here, she will have the opportunity of becoming a member of  OMGA (Old Masonic Girls' Association).  Maintaining contact, enjoying their successes or responding to a need for guidance are all part of our ongoing commitment to our students.

On a daily basis, your daughter's Form Tutor will be your primary point of contact and will be responsible for monitoring her academic progress and wellbeing, and ensuring that she has the encouragement and support she needs in all her endeavours.

As a School, we are an Affiliated Partner of the Herts and Bucks Teaching School Alliance, and work closely with other schools and educational establishments to sustain and promote an exceptional quality of eduction for all students. You can find out more about this teaching community here 

At RMS we take community spirit very seriously, as our parents will frequently tell you!

An excellent school, it feels like one big family Parent

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