Senior Boarding (Years 10 and 11)

Boarding life is active, structured and caring – girls learn to be both independent and to have a sense of responsibility for others. Zetland House accommodates girls aged 14-16 and they enjoy the camaraderie of the House, midnight feasts and pizza nights that punctuate the term!  Accommodation and routines offer greater independence as the girls mature.

Senior boarders have the opportunity to participate in a full programme of weekend activities into which the girls have considerable input. Saturday always involves an outing or activity off site and our closeness to London means that we can offer a wealth of cultural experiences to the girls.

A boarders’ handbook gives full details on this vital aspect of life at RMS; the flexibility of boarding at RMS attracts working parents with busy lives.

Full boarders have two exeats per term when all pupils go away for the weekend. Arrangements for additional weekend leave can be made with the Housemistress. 

Highly trained medical staff, a resident chaplain, a school counsellor, a Head of House and "pupil mentors" ensure that there is a caring, confident friend with whom to share the events of each day.

Download our Senior School Boarding Handbook here

My daughter loves school. She is always challenged but at the same time having fun. All the staff are very supportive, approachable and always have time to answer any questions or concerns I have Parent

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