Prep (Year 4-6) and Lower School (Year 7-9) Boarding

Harris is the Boarding House for girls from Year 4-9. In this warm and inviting "second home" girls aged 8 to 14 years are cared for by the House team led by the Housemistress.

Boarders come from a variety of backgrounds, but they live here together in a caring, happy community. Some of our children are local, others are girls from Forces’ families who want to allow their children to become used to boarding before they are posted overseas or elsewhere in the country and some are already abroad. Parents often lead very busy, demanding lives and boarding gives children the company of their peers, which used to be found in the companionship of large families.

Girls in Harris are given the opportunity to be imaginative and creative. They also take part in our more structured activities and they have time to be children. They have the joy of belonging to a vibrant community, which is a real bonus in today’s world where relationships are sometimes fragile. They also have a pride in their school and themselves as we encourage them to grow in self-confidence.

Gone are the days when a girl is put on the train on the first day of term and collected at the end - parents are encouraged to be part of boarding life and many parents find that they grow even closer to their children when day to day pressures are lifted and the family can enjoy quality time together.Full, weekly and flexi boarding thrive at RMS.

A boarders’ handbook gives full details on this vital aspect of life at RMS; the flexibility of boarding at RMS attracts working parents with busy lives.

RMS is a fabulous school and I believe offers a great start in life for its girls Parent

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