Our Vision and Values

RMS strives to enable each and every pupil, regardless of background, to develop to the full their academic, personal and creative potential.  

RMS offers a nurturing, inclusive and supportive environment where each child is esteemed as an individual, capable of success.

Education at RMS is founded on core moral values that encourage pupils to be compassionate and tolerant; to do their personal best; to grow in integrity and responsibility and so ultimately to approach adulthood with inter-personal skills that reflect both empathy and self-confidence.

RMS aims to:

  • provide an enjoyable, stimulating and diverse educational experience, enriched by a wide-ranging extra-curriculum
  • provide the highest quality teaching and pastoral support
  • provide a culture that is both happy and inspirational; that celebrates personal success and continues to value courtesy, dignity and kindness
  • provide for the well-being, health and safety of all who attend and work here
  • provide opportunities to develop spiritual awareness and an understanding of the importance of active personal contributions in solving the problems of a diverse and challenging world  

RMS Values

Young people require integrity to make good decisions in life, based on positive values such as honesty and respect. Values assist in the development of character and the social and personal development of our young people.  To assist this, RMS adopts a Values based approach to education that spans both the academic and personal aspects of school life. Resilience and reciprocity in learning are complemented by cultivating commitment and participation as aspirational goals for pupils in their personal lives.

The RMS Values Programme which is embedded in the School's ethos, was developed from the original aim of making the traditional values of the School more overt and meaningful. They are present in the lives of all those who work within the RMS community.

There are nine core values, one for each month of the school year;  Respect, Participation and Compassion in the first term. Courage to Challenge Oneself, Responsibility and Perseverance in the second term and Honesty, Commitment and Tolerance in the third term. They are the focus for assemblies and form time during the month and students who demonstrate putting them into action in their daily life are recognised and rewarded.

Each month a form in Year 8 or 9 is responsible for compiling a Power Point for the Value of the Month. This is displayed around the School on TV screens. Here is this month's slideshow for our current Value of the Month which is "Courage to challenge oneself":

RMS has a clear point of difference in that it has an ethos which is lived and believed in - a philosophy based on nurturing and building on a student's natural talents Parent

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